Blender – How to Copy an Object in a Circle (Create a Radial Array)

How to duplicate an object in a circular pattern using the array modifier.

Guide to Copy an Object in a Circle

Creating a Radial Array

I recently modeled a complex water wheel with many parts that I needed to copy in a circular pattern, here’s how to do it using the Array modifier:

  • Add an “Empty” to your scene where you want the center of rotation to be.
  • Add an Array modifier to the object you want to copy and set the “Count” value to however many copies you want.
  • Switch the offset in the array modifier from “relative” to “Object” and select the “empty” as the offset object.
  • Select your “Empty” and tap “N” on the keyboard to open the item properties sidebar. From here we can use the “location” “Rotation” and “Scale” fields to control the array position.
  • Mathematical calculations can be done in almost any text box in Blender. A full circle is 360 degrees, so use the appropriate rotation axis field to divide “360” by the “Count” Value you’ve set in the array modifier by typing 360/(count).

See image below for clarity.

After pressing “Enter” on my keyboard, the math executes and rotates the empty by the quotient.

And there we have it! A quick, easy way to copy an object in a circle. I end up using it quite a lot so I thought I’d make a guide, and I hope it helps.

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