Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Guide to Unique Movestyle Abilities

Each movestyle (Inline Skates, Skateboard, and Bike) has its own unique ability that allows for traversal to otherwise unobtainable collectibles.

Unique Movestyle Abilities


Just wanted to make a quick guide to discuss the unique ability that each movestyle has – I don’t recall them ever being explained in-game, but I was very lost as to how to obtain certain collectibles for a bit – hopefully this will save some headaches.

Inline Skates – Break Glass Ceilings

The Inline Skates are able to shatter specific glass ceilings (pictured above) by performing a Cess Slide while they’re equipped.

To perform a Cess Slide, simply press your slide button (RT on Xbox / L-Ctrl on KB+M) while on top of the glass ceiling, and it will shatter below you (pictured below).

Skateboard – Ride Extendable Fire Hydrants

These special fire hydrants (pictured above) can be found in certain areas, and are required to reach certain graffiti spots.

To use this ability, you need to jump onto the hydrant while riding your skateboard, and then repeatedly hit any of your trick buttons to make it extend vertically (pictured below).

Bike – Bike-Only Doors

Doors with bike icons (pictured above) can be found throughout New Amsterdam, and they will only open for characters that are currently on bikes.

To open the door, simply equip your bike and ride onto the large platform in front of the door – A short cutscene will play of the door opening, and it should then remain open for the rest of your time in the stage (They will reset to closed upon re-entering the stage!).


  1. That grafitti spot you showed in the fire hydrant example, I JUST spent 5 minutes fenagling a wallride off of the billboard next to it to jump that fence. I feel stupid.

  2. i knew those fire hydrants were a key to something but for the life of me just didnt put it together, same with the glass floors. thanks so much!

  3. You are a legend, the only one of these I figured out was the bike door and I encountered the glass floor and fire hydrant in some areas and had no idea what to do.

  4. not 100% related but you wouldn’t happen to to know how to do handstands on skateboards would you? Also thank you so much i have been trying to figure out the glass for ages.

    • If you’re talking about the one where you’re on the ground then that’s the boost while manual

  5. An even better thing we could have are maybe locations where these would be applicable.
    (I’m trying to find a triple grey bike-only door thing i only found ONCE and I can’t find it anymore…)

  6. Additionally, while on foot you have the highest jump height using the cartwheel attack > jump, this is necessary for a graffiti in Mataan closed off by two chain fences near the bridge you enter the area from milenium square or the hideout.

  7. ooooh thank you for this! was so curious about the glass ceilings but figured I had to do something else later on to get through. This helps alot!

  8. I was wondering what all those bike garages were for…and the weirdly places fire extinguisher on a rooftop…Thanks for the guide!

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