Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Photo Generic Achievement Guide

A guide on where to find all 17 Polos for the Photo Generic achievement.

All 17 Polo Locations

Things to note

  • You have to take a photo with the phone.
  • If you did it right a sound effect will play.
  • There aren’t any Polos in the mall for some reason.

Versum Hill

Big Polo

Protected Polo

Sneaky Polo – in the bazaar

Millennium Square

Homeless Polo

Brink Terminal

Another Protected Polo

Pyramid Island

All of these Polos are in the trash maze thing.

Follow these directions for next 5 Polos:

  • Left, right, foward, foward, foward, foward.

Solace Polo – in very first room

Student Polo – in the second room

Tree looker Polo – in the fourth room

Vent Polo – in the fifth room

Professor Polo – in the seventh and last room

Forklift certified Polo – in the first room take a right instead and climb the containers

These four are not in the maze they are in the first area of the island.

The Polo Room

Get on the roof

Jump to the right of this blue billboard

You can get all 4 Polos in 1 picture.


Bum Polo

Toy Shop Polo.


  1. This achievement is bugged for a lot of people. I recommend waiting until a patch if it wont work for you

  2. Didn’t get the acheivement so I deleted all the original photos and retook them and still nothing very weird

  3. Yeah naw I took pictures of all these homies, some of em MULTIPLE, n still for some reason the achievement won’t pop 🙁

  4. found all 17 Polos and took pictures of them with no achievement, i decided to delete all Polo pictures to restart and do them in this order. However no sound cue plays for any of them (assuming it already registered), and I took multiples of Polos 12-15. Still no achievement, is there some sort of bug at the moment or is steam just not registering achievements at this hour? Thank you for the guide regardless.

  5. I have taken pictures of all of these lil guys multiple times but I still don’t have the achievement. Has anyone else had this experience?

    • Make sure you get all 4 at pyramid island. I went back and took another picture of them, it seems I missed a few when i tried to get them all in one shot.

  6. you need to get into the golden monkey statue’s mouth at the very end of mataan to reach the area where the last penguin is located. just go forward, slide on the trunk of the elephant and immediately take a left.

  7. in pyramid island there is a hidden room full of Polo you have to wall ride one of the billboards then jump to the right to get there

  8. There is another Polo in Pyramid Island’s maze.
    In the room with forklifts holding crates there’s a small cubby with a garbage bin, a forklift certified Polo behind it.

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