Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – Where to Find the “Get E-NUF” Single

This is a simple follow-along guide to help you find one of the best songs in the universe!

The “Get E-NUF” Single Location


To get the Get E-NUF single you’ll need to first have enough REP to progress to the beginning of the Franks boss battle. Once you have E-NUF REP, you’ll be able to snatch this CD. Tag the city and complete the mini-challenges that unlock and progress to this point.

Locating the CD

You can find the CD at the edge of the “Global Radio Station” billboard right outside of the hideout in Versum Hill. But how do you get there?

Head down the road to the left of the billboard.

When you reach the end of the road with a large bridge, take a right and head in between the buildings.

Once in the main plaza, head up the staircase in the far back.

At the top of the stairs you should see a large wall with a spot to tag. Head towards the wall and get behind it.

There will be a short wall that you can hop over. Jump the wall and slide underneath the small gap in the building.

Wall ride on the billboard and get the CD!

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