The Outlast Trials – How to Become Reborn / Beat The Game

This guide explains how to get all 10 Release Tokens required to complete the game and become reborn!

Guide to Become Reborn / Beat The Game

Requirements to Unlock Program X

To unlock program X you need to complete every single trial for the first three programs.

Basically beat all the levels inside the first 3 maps) Doing this unlocks the Program X which is required to beat the game.

Beating Program X

Once the first 3 programs are completed you need to complete all the trials inside of Program X. Doing so grants the player with 1 release token per trial completed, stacking up to a total of 10 trials with 10 release tokens inside Program X.

What to Do Next

Once you have all 10 Release Tokens you can go to this guy who will open the middle door and lead you to your final trial.

The final trials is titled “Farewell Mansion’ and has you do the opening intro segment of the game but in reverse and with more obstacles/objectives.

At the end of this trial will begin the ending cut scene where you gain your freedom.

Becoming Reborn

Once the Farewell Mansion trial has ended you become reborn and gain your freedom only for another person to replace you in the trials (AKA your rebirth which is a separate person).

This is the ending of Outlast trials main story, once you are rebirthed all of your completions for the first three programs save except program X which you will need to complete again to rebirth a second time. You keep every prescription, cosmetic, rig upgrades/rigs, player level and currency all save upon rebirth. Once rebirthed you unlock 1/4 outfits making them available for purchase.

And that is the ending for Outlast Trials at the current moment!

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  1. Would be lovely to have guide expanded on how to complete exams in each program because they are very and very tough to beat alone or with group.

  2. Might want to add this tip since every player I’ve met so far didn’t know: You can sprint while pushing the snitch. Just be mindful that it exhausts you so if a baddie starts moving up on you, you won’t be able to flee easily.

  3. I was able to 2 man all of the final exams with me and my friend, we only failed one and it was the naked and afraid one, and we literally both died at the button waiting for the escape to open. As long as you know how to lose dudes in a chase/juggle aggro, it’s certainly very doable.

  4. Bruh I was playing proyect X with people and keep in mind I haven’t unlocked the proyect X I played it with random and let me tell you my experience the challenges are so hard if you don’t have good skill set unlocked such as help your teammates while they been executive and pharmacy but the stuff I want to say is that you need to know your surroundings the game is hard but fun if you know how to play with people who knows how to play

  5. hey, what If I want to unlock specifically the “good doctor” outfit? Do I just need to get lucky or you get the outfit based on what rig you were wearing?

    • I don’t think you need to be lucky I think its just for each rebirth you unlock one outfit going from left to right in the store. I used the Healing Rig the entire game and didn’t get the doctor outfit

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