Cassette Beasts – How to Break Mortal Limits

How to Become God

All credit goes to Zekromir!


You can use any two monsters so long as they the Mind-melder is faster, and they are both compatible with the correct moves (Use the wiki as needed). Start by equipping the first monster with Mind-meld and as many copies of Splinter and Roll Again as you can fit (feel free to tweak the ratio to your liking).

Equip the other with Smack and as many copies of Splinter and Roll Again as you can fit (once again, the ratio is flexible).


Once you enter a battle, start by Mind-melding with your first unit, and then smack with the other. So long as you don’t manage to mess it up, both units should end their turn by attacking multiple times and procing multiple Splinters With. Every. Hit.

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  1. Do you basically have to do that to get through the post-game stuff? I’m trying to beat them playing fairly straight up, but even lowering the difficulty I’m finding it really hard.

    • definitely not. The post game has some hard moments and the enemies sometimes switch things up, which is fun. As long as your team has good synergy you should be fine.

  2. This was very fun to read. Awesome builds. Thanks. I also love the Ghost, Gambit, Dog years combo. Beyond broken, but susceptible to sleep, confuse and resonance.

    • worth mentioning that Captain Penny Dreadful uses that combo in her rematch. Similarly, Captain Codey uses assorted shenanigans to apply Glass Coating to your monsters and then erase them with Resonance.

      • 100%. That was the moment I fell in love with this game. I have however not seen her use gambit. My take on the combo is to have basically 3 cassettes. 2 with random starter moves (I use Khepri and Decibelle). One uses attacks and the other auto buffs like Echolocation. The 3rd one uses custom starter with haunt and magnetism (I use a SouthPaw). Read on a forum that it can use Gambit, Dog years and haunt. My Khepri has AP Factory. As it doesn’t need AP for random starter, it boosts SouthPaw to use Dog Year whenever. My SouthPaw also has dual attack and life absorb. I’m looking for an alternative to life absorb though.

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