Cassette Beasts – Finding Special Rogue Encounters in the Wild

This is a guide only applicable later in the game once the community board has been unlocked. This is only the method i use and it is just as viable to run around and check them all.

Special Rogue Encounters

What is classified as a special encounter?

By all rights I am unsure of what is classified as special. I can only go over the one’s this method makes finding easier. So far these are the encounters this method makes finding easier:

  • Koneko

How to do the method I speak of

When you have the community board unlocked you can get quests for cleaning out rogue encounters to make the island safer. While you have it set as your tracked quest some rogue encounters on your map will be highlighted, and others won’t. These other encounters are special ones like Koneko that appear as rogue events but aren’t specifically that.


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