Cassette Beasts – Solving Thirstation Puzzle

I’m not going to say how to get here unless you really want a spoiler. However, I will tell you the solutions to the 3×3 puzzle. The puzzle type is known as lights out. I personally hate these… so I’ll try to help those who feel the same way.

How to Solve Thirstation Puzzle



  • B = Blue Statue
  • R = Red Statue

If you mess up at all you can reset the pattern by leave and re-entering the station.

First of all, when you enter the station the puzzle will be laid out like so:

  • RBR
  • BRB
  • RBR

Getting the Grid BLUE

Starting from the default grid.

Toggle the Statue in this order.

  • 123
  • 654
  • 789

This will turn the grid Blue.

Getting the Entire Grid RED

Once you have the entire grid blue.

Hit all the statues in order like so.

  • 102
  • 050
  • 304

Now the grid is all red.

Solving the Puzzle to Open Second Water Gate

First of all turn the entire grid blue.

Then hit the statues in the following order.

  • 123
  • 000
  • 000

Now the pattern is solved.

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  1. Very nice guide, but I’d like to note that the order doesn’t matter at all ! All that matters is which krabs you swap and which ones you don’t.

    So another way to note the solutions (which might be easier to read for some people) would be something like :

    Hit each statue marked with X once :







    Not asking you to change your guide mind you, just putting this out there in case it helps somebody ^^

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