Cat Goes Fishing – Master Quester Achievement Guide (Quick and Easy Method)

Doing the “Master Quester” Achievement (complete 100 quests) normally can take forever, and if you’re a completionist like me, this can get really annoying. Here’s a Trick to cheese this achievement and get it within an hour starting from 0!

How to Obtain Master Quester Quickly and Easily

The Achievement

“Master Quester” requires you to complete 100 quests on one savefile.

The Strategy

One way too cheese this is to be know that quests will always be for fish that you have not registered in your Catalog, and will prefer to pick the easy ones first. That means you can do a few easy quests (Cuddlefish, Swooper, Mustardfish, etc.) and periodically reset your catalog. This will prompt the quests to also reset. So now when you accept new quests it will be for those same easy fish again. Rinse and repeat and you should be able to get the achievement in no time.

Optional Improvements

Some ways to speed this up are:

  • More quest slots (From Leveling or from Hats (Ball Cap or Quester’s Beret))

A little extra tip, you can also sell and re-buy your hat if you have enough money to randomize your quests again.

  • A Better Rod (obviously).
Written by PurpleJay

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