Century: Age of Ashes – How to Win Ranked Mode

Ranked Mode Guide


You need to perform the functions of the system, the foundations of which are laid in the mode – this is the collection and delivery of gold. This is the main task for victory. The murder of funds goes to the second, and even the third plan. Further, as the game progresses in the rounds, an additional one appears. task:


If you hold it until the end of the round, your team gains + 300 gold. So, if you still have a minute before the end, you can get distracted and collect gold, delivering it to your treasury.


Here you need to pay attention to this from two sides. Firstly, if the enemy already has it, then, if necessary, help the allies or attack first, if you are the closest. If your team has a bomb, then either cover it with your body (more likely for marauders with the squall skill and wind deflectors with poisonous gas), or collect gold while everyone is busy. Secondly, when someone else’s or your treasury explodes, someone else’s amount of gold falls out around the building – collect it and take it to yourself, or the enemies will do it.


Your safes are closed. Here you have to follow one of two paths – either kill the enemy with gold in your hands, or go for the key and take it to the base.

Even if the main task is the assembly and delivery of treasures, then do not forget that the person must be hindered by the enemy collectors, as well as to protect their own.


Can be engaged in assembling from golden dragons and delivery. With invisibility – they are practically invulnerable to enemy sights.

  • Windbreakers are great for supporting allies.
  • Marauders – due to their rate of fire and flurry.
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