Chivalry 2 – Useful Combat Tips

Here you can find some useful advice for your combat tactics and stfategies.

Tips and Tricks to Combat

Kick will only work if the opponent is blocking.

You get rid of multiple enemies by sticking with your team! You can also try to block and strike which will give you a small window where all incoming hits will get blocked (see tutorial for better explanation)

Use kicks when you know your opponent is going to turtle (kicks only work on blocks). Alt attacks is for you to decide which way you’re going to attack from. Jabs are good to interrupt an opponents strike if timed properly.

You can stop multiple enemies fairly easy even with a javelin, for that you have to make sure to train in duel game mode.

As soon as one enemy is no problem, you can try 3v3, then 40 and 64 game modes.

Key component is dragging, mouse sensitivity and FOV. The larger your self awareness is the better you can manage multiple enemies visually.

But technically you want to hit them before they hit you. If their hit is imminent, you can dodge, the faster you dodge the faster you can strike them before recovery.

Use jab (R button) to break the combo, use the charged strike into their head (Q) to break their neck, throw javelin as they run away to break their will!

The faster you perform combinations the faster you can slaughter as many Masons as you desire.

Step by step

  1. Start performing leaping strike with a maul > If enemy does it first, dodge left/right.
  2. After strike/dodge use jab if they block / if they strike use block and immediately click attack button.
  3. After jab/block strike with upperhand move (scroll mouse wheel).

Note: Don’t use kick as its clunky and not responsive, but performs better than jab as jab requires you to “aim”

Usually I do all of the above and with weak enemy I almost never need to use anything but wheel scroll move as it is very fast and combined with dodging they have no time to recover. If they feel like losing they run away and I just throw javelin in their head.

For Vanguard you can throw anything you like. Combine at will.

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