Content Warning – How to Survive

This guide will help you to survive in the Content Warning game.

Survival Guide

All credit goes to gavrilov!

Background To Content Warning

Content Warning (to simply put it) is a game about “trying” to become a viral sensation by submerging you and your affiliates into deep unknown landscapes and filming whatever nonsensical and frightening things that may occur. Similar to that of Lethal Company (both game play wise and player-wise) each and every person who is apart of your squadron can be assigned roles depending on how they play.

Commonly seen roles may include:

  • The Cameraman (films)
  • The Comic-relief (loud=funny)
  • The Newbie (“what is that?”)
  • The Immersed One (wants everything to be done with flawless execution.)

And many others, but these are the main four that I know of. Many players can also be two of the same category (e.g A newbie and Cameraman.)

Each and every individual, in order to meet your set view quota, must pull together to film and orchestrate the best video out there on SpookTube. With very minor casualties as they can lead to a bump-up in price over the course of time and could lead to you not being able to buy items from the store.

The Store, is an area in your home world where after the first mission (if successful and able to draw profit) can buy props,emotes and other miscellaneous items in order to boost viewership. Items such as, The microphone, clap board and numerous others. These can come in useful after a good run as it allows not only for you and your “friends” to have fun. But also help you in the long run!

To briefly summarize

In Content Warning there are many roles, objectives and lots of fun to do. How you play it is really up to you and your crew. As you can either: Be serious and try and reach a high quota or go along for the ride, die and laugh along the way. And is similar to Lethal Company in many aspects.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Content Warning, there are many mechanics that all have their pros and cons and could lead to a good/bad run.

Off to the right: Un-named Melee Creature

One of the main fundamental mechanics on which this game rely upon is The Creatures. These are monsters that appear along the way. From gooey-blobs to a man with a food mixer for a head. Content Warning offers a variety of enemies that may obstruct your filming and overall end goal. And is really, what you are here for.


Though in theory, if you stay far enough from the enemy while having your camera man film them. Is the key to success as it prioritises safety while still getting what you need. Which is a strategy I (somewhat) see often deployed. If you want to go with a more chaotic implementation, then you can go face-to-face or close enough to the creatures where you possibly may/may not die. The more of the monster that can be seen (I’m pretty sure) the more the viewership that recording may get.

The Rib cage in question

Another pillar in which this game resides upon is: The Artefacts. The artefacts (what I call them) are remnants of human beings. Such as skulls or rib cages that can be found dotted around the map. These can be used in recordings as minor bits that can add onto increased viewership. And can lead to those seeing the video to comment on such.

Not entirely recommended to spend a decent amount of time on the artefacts. As they are very insignificant compared to other named functions of Content Warning.


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  1. you should probably add in that there are quite a few creatures that you just shouldn’t mess with. big slap, the throwy bug thing and flicker are pretty dangerous to even be near.

  2. good guide, but you should also include that players getting hurt or falling gives more views
    in the things you should record section

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