Core Keeper – Basic XP/Drop Farms

I designed some pretty basic rooms to give me the drops and xp I need while hanging around my base. I show some photos you can get an idea from. I will update this guide with more farms as I build them. You can scale the farm to any size you want and it will still work.

XP/Drop Farm

If you wish to get xp, this is the way. At least this way you can have mobs pile up in front of your doorstep or in a window inside your base and safely melee and range them. If you want more xp and less drops (only melee and ranged, not HP), switch to bad gear and respec your stats but dont allocate any stat points. I mainly use the blowpipe as I am training 100 ranged. Two similar kill chambers are shown.

Don’t get too close to the door or they will break in. If you let too many pile up the conveyor they will get stuck but they are easy to kill. Make the path a bit wider if they get stuck too often but this works for me.

The inside of this is 20×32 but I am going to extend it to 32×96. I’m just collecting the mold ground. I can post a guide on the fastest way to obtain a lot of mold ground if enough people are interested.

Here is less than 10 mins of staying near my base without killing any mobs. Unsure what the mob cap is.

I expanded it to 64×32 and now I have so many conveyor belts that they are turning invisible. Here’s a pic of the map to see the size.

Whenever a lot of mold creatures built up around a corner I had to go inside and kill them so I expanded the area a little where they pile up at. I also removed the door that was there because if it was full, the guys would start phasing through the door and into my base. I found at least 7 mold creatures wandering around in my base.

Loot Drop Farm Only

If you want your room to only collect drops over time, you can design it like this. Requires 1 tin per spike trap and 1 spawn item (orange or purple slime shoveled from ground/larva ground/mold ground) Slime will spawn even if spike traps are over them but I do not like having to have the set to remove slime slowness and poison. I am not sure if other mobs spawn on spikes but I believe they do. If you wish to farm for cavelings you must be near or in the forgotten ruins as far as I know.

There are 8 4×16 purple slime spawns and the same of orange slime spawns. I have made over 500 potions from the slime here. Make the room and spawning areas as large as you want to make it. The double layers of spikes kill the purple slime much faster than 1 layer can do. Orange slime do not need this but I’m not going to make a separate room yet or make this part of the room look different just to save some tin.

Keep in mind that this room design is not just for slimes which is why I chose the design shown. This room works for all spawns but biome specific mobs have to have the farm located in that biome (cavelings, farmers, caveling snipers, shamans, groot or whatever big guys name is, etc)

I may eventually make this room larger and just cover the entire floor in slime floor and conveyor belts and have a small auto kill area because you get more per bar used. (10 per 1 iron 1 scarlet if maxed out the perk in skill tree under crafting) plus you no longer have to run around to pick up the drops. Most likely I will leave this room and build another slime farm more than a couple screens away.

Other Designs and Combinations

From my testing, if you place a spawner item like slime or the larva ground on top of the mold ground, it will take over the spawn and that tile can no longer spawn a mold creature. Keep this in mind for a combination farm so you don’t waste mold ground like mine does in this design.

I removed all the slime ground from the mold ground. If I extend this, which I likely wont because I hit a glitch limit with the convener belts. Can place more but random become invisible until exit and save. When this glitch is fixed if possible, I will make this room 64×64 and the new area will spawn slimes and larva.

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