Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – How to Deal with Disruptors

Tips to Deal with Disruptors

Keep your distance. Disruptors have the second shortest range in the game, just above Point Defense.

There is 2 good protections against disruptors: armor and distance. So either you want more armor or more thrusters. Your choice here.

There is also the option of using cannons so it doesn’t matter quite as much if the shields are down or adding extra flak to shoot down the projectiles.

However, Disruptors (and EMP missiles) are specifically designed to counter shields, so you should expect them to go down when faced with some.

Note: Proper crew pathing can help immensely with keeping your shields sustained and quickly getting them back up tho.

Also, a few disruptors won’t be much of a problem if you get some experience and start building advanced/efficient designs, but that’s coming from a guy with over a thousand hours playtime and for that I’m probably still rather bad myself.

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