Crab Champions – How to Sniper Crab

I had an epic run as a sniper recently and I decided to make a guide.

Guide to Sniper Crab

Pros and Cons of the Sniper


  • High damage.
  • Feels really good to play with.
  • Pierces through enemies.
  • Does really well with certain upgrades.


  • Not fast reload speed.
  • Single shot.
  • Not that good in horde.
  • Sometimes leaves you vulnerable to enemies if you get too comfortable and stay in one spot sniping all of those in-front of you.

What and What Not to Do

If you really like sniper and want to stick with it like me here are some things to and not to do.

What to do

  • Focus on perks and upgrades to boost the damage, add elemental effects and counter the weaknesses of the sniper.
  • Don’t die.
  • Choose your choices wisely.
  • Focus on enemy piercing for more kills.
  • Destroy those elemental rocks from a far distance when your enemies are there.

What not to do

  • Choose upgrades that focus on your grenade until you begin to reach the boss.
  • Be reckless as this can get you hurt.
  • Don’t handle elemental or gun crabs carefully.
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  1. got my first sniper win, i don’t think element is good for it? element seems to work better with fast/ mult-shot weapons.

  2. Grenades are fantastic to upgrade on a sniper run as they can help you disperse a large group of enemies

    • You get a win when you defeat the boss at the 30th island or 30th island after that if you loop (60, 90, etc.)

  3. I managed to get a win with the sniper yesterday. Noticed that the achievement for winning with one has only been earned by 0.1% of players.

    Also, a good thing to do is combo together:
    -The skill that drops down your clip but increases damage
    -The skill that increases your clip size
    (can’t remember the names off the top of my head)

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