Crusader Kings III – Going Places Achievement Guide (Ironman-Mode)

In this guide I describe to you how to obtain the achievement “Going Places” in Ironman-Mode.

How to Obtain Going Places Achievement

How to Get Your Kingdom

For this achievement, you need to start as Earl Haesteinn of Montaigu in the 867 start date and, before your leader’s death, get a kingdom-like title.

Declare war on Cornwall with the Claim Duchy CB (they might have allied West Francia but that doesn’t matter, you’ll crush them), raise your armies in Montaigu, set yourself as commander and sail over to Cornwall. If the Franks come, let them come, you will defend in woods, your army composition ih highly specialized and Haesteinn himself has an incredible 33 Martial, so you can crush them multiple times easily. After you have won, sell your prisoners for money (you’ll need it). Now you have a easy claimed duchy and a foothold in Britannia.

After you have formed the duchy of Cornwall, you have two options: Either culture-convert and form the Kingdom of Cornwall by decision or do it the diificult way and try to get the Kingdom of Wales. Now you’ll eat up the little welsh lands, no one of them should be a match for your superior army. After you have taken seven provinces in the Wales area, you have enough de jure titles to form Wales. Now you only need 750 Ducats (250 for the Duchy of Gwynedd and 500 for the kingdom itself). You can get them by raiding super easy, as your leader is a Norse.

By the way, you might have to crush some rebellions of cornish/welsh people, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

This situation also offers great opportunities for conquering the british isles and doing fun viking stuff, also you can try to get another achievement, that requires you to have the highest prestige level (Haesteinn starts at the second highest level already).

I hope you enjoyed the guide and after that, you’ll have a really rare CK3-achievement to flex with.

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