Crystal Project – Endgame Roundup: Overview of Optional Content

Finished the main story? Not sure what you missed? This guide will cover the most important things. Massive spoiler warning of course.

Crystal Roundup

There are 24 jobs in the game, 6 of which you start with. The other 18 are found from crystals.

No Mount Requirements

  • Warrior : Starter Class.
  • Monk : Starter Class.
  • Rogue : Starter Class.
  • Cleric : Starter Class.
  • Wizard : Starter Class.
  • Warlock : Starter Class.
  • Fencer : Located in the Pale Grotto Dungeon in Delende.
  • Shaman : Located in the Draft Shaft Conduit Dungeon in Seaside Cliffs.
  • Scholar : Located in the cave at the top of Mt. Yamagawa.
  • Aegis : Located in the beginning of the Trial Caves, accessed from Proving Meadows after obtaining 3 other crystals.
  • Hunter : Located in Quintar Nest, from a cave on the south side of Rolling Quintar Fields. Also accessible from Jojo sewers.
  • Chemist : Located in Quinter Sanctum, from a cave on the north side of Rolling Quintar Fields. Requires a rental Quintar (A quintar pass can be obtained by giving a brutal quintar eyeball to the quintar enthusiast in Rolling Quintar Fields).
  • Reaper : Located in Capital Jail, a dungeon accessed from Jojo Sewers.
  • Ninja : Located at the top of Okimoto N.S., which is east of the Cobblestone Crags and above the following Underpass section.

Requires Quintar Mount

  • Nomad : Located at River Fish’s Ego, accessed by climbing the waterfall at the end of Salmon River, and correctly answering 3 quiz questions. If you’re quick enough, this can be done during the Salmon Race using the rental salmon.
  • Dervish : Located in the entrance of the Pyramid in Poko Poko Desert. The pyramid can be accessed by collecting 3 tokens from the watchtowers in the area, then giving them to an NPC in Poko Poko Bazaar.

Requires Ibek Mount

  • Beatsmith : Located in Capital Sequoia, down the 3-tile high chimney.
  • Samurai : Located in Shoudu Province, reward for winning 3 matches in the Sky Arena.
  • Assassin : Located in the Undercity Dungeon in Shoudu Province. The dungeon can be skipped entirely if you have a Salmon mount by swimming under a gate in the waterway. Can also be accessed without the Ibek by bringing the rental Salon from the Salmon Race.
  • Valkyrie : Located in the Beaurior Rock dungeon in Beaurior Volcano. Technically does not need the Ibek mount, as the area can be accessed by performing a tricky long jump onto a lamp-post south of Mercury Shrine.

Requires Owl Mount

  • Summoner : Located in the Slip Glide Ride dungeon, which is located in the Northern Caves in Tall Tall Heights.
  • Beastmaster : Located very high up on the Castle Ramparts. Can be accessed by making a glide from the Chalice of Tar. Can also be accessed by completing the Sequoia Castle dungeon. Can ALSO be accessed without the owl, by climbing up from the lower Castle Ramparts, and making precision jumps across lamp-posts.
  • Weaver : Accessed in the Jidamba Eaclaneya dungeon in Jidamba Tangle. Can be accessed by gliding north from Flyer’s Lookout in Quintar Reserve, or gliding south from Flyer’s Crag in Okimoto N.S. Can also be accessed without the Ibek by taking the Capital Pipeline from the Capital Jail and sneaking past the Corruption enemies. Can ALSO be accessed without the Ibek by using the rental salmon from the Salmon Race and swimming to a cavern north of the island, letting you acquire a permanent Salmon mount which you can use to swim to the island.
  • Mimic : On top of the Chalice of Tar, on a floating island in the middle of the big tar pit.

Summon Locations

  • Pinga: Unlocked along with the Summoner class
  • Pah: Located in a cave in the Open Ocean, directly underneath Okimoto N.S.
  • Shaku: Located in the southeast of Spawning Meadows
  • Pamoa: Located in the southeast of Tall Tall Heights
  • Niltsi: Located north of Gaia Shrine in Capital Sequoia
  • Ioske: Located in Lake Delende, north of Mt. Yamagawa
  • Guaba: Located in the middle of Salmon Bay
  • Coyote: Located in the Deep Sea, directly south of the Save Crystal on the east side of Sara Sara Beach
  • Tira: Located at the top of Shoudu Province, northeast of Ganymede shrine
  • Juses: Located on a hill in the southwest of Jidamba Tangle

Miscellaneous Roundup

That one Scholar skill everyone misses: The last (or most likely last) scholar skill you will get is called Reflection. It can be gotten from a specific enemy formation in the floor after the first pit in the Ancient Labyrinth dungeon, that contains a Puppetmaster and two Puppets. Wait until the Puppetmaster casts ‘Activate’ on the Puppets to transform them into “Puppet (on)” . “Puppet (on)” will then unlock a counter skill (Reflection). You have to manually trigger this counter skill on them to learn it.

Tuxedo: Can be obtained by collecting all the penguins in Capital Sequoia and giving them to the penguin keeper. Stats are only earlygame-tier but you become a penguin.

Spring’s Oath and Autumn’s Oath accessories: Can be obtained by swimming into the trees at the river sources near the tops of Mt. Yamagawa and Okimoto N.S. Each boost item drop rates by +50%.

Seeds for the garden: Many seeds can only be obtained from as rare drops from specific enemies. Make sure to check your archive data, and equip Spring/Autumn’s Oath while farming them.

Stone of Jodan accessory: Can be acquired by trading a Crag Demon Horn (dropped by the Crag Demon at Cobblestone Crags) to an NPC in the sewers.

Ragebringer Axe: Requires trading 3 digested skulls to the Sadist on an inlet in one of the Capital Sequoia Roofs. The options appears after you accept his offer to set your hp to critical. 1 Skull can be gotten from a chest in Gran’s House, 1 can be gotten from killing Gran, and 1 can be gotten by killing Enami in the water south of the Capital.

3rd fishing location: Just south of Poko Poko Bazaar, near the reefs. Different rod/lure combinations result in a variety of unique armor and accessories (such as Plate of Whale). It’s somewhat random so make sure you repeat each option a sufficient amount of times.

Crab’s Claw: In a Deep Sea Cave located directly south of the starting point of the Salmon Race in Seaside Cliffs. First, you must collect 15 Undersea Crabs. These crabs are found in the large rocky expanse outside the cave. Collecting them all spawns a king crab that you can talk to for the reward.

The Skeleton Key: Located in Sequoia Athenaeum in Tall Tall Heights. 3 books are required to enter (An upper entrance has npcs that provide hints to their locations). Unlocks any door that normally needs a key, and is also the only way to unlock the door on the second floor of the Luxury Shop.

Treasure Finder: Located in an Undersea Cavern underneath Tall Tall Heighs. Solve the 8 quiz questions to unlock the treasure room. Reveals locations of treasure chests on the minimap.

Babel Quintar: Located in Quintar Masoleum, in Quintar Reserve. Translates all quintar language, opening up shops and quintar breeding in the Quintar Reserve.

Fursuit: Can be acquired by collecting 10 Quintar Sheddings from around Quintar Reserve and crafting it at a Quintar Treehouse shop. Changes your character into a disturbing quintar. The 10th shedding is hard to find as it is located in a cave in the middle of the area.

Golden Quintar: The final mount acquired from finishing the full quintar breeding chain in Quntar Reserve. Needed to access some areas.

Hand of Midas accessory: Acquired from the top of The Sequoia dungeon. Multiplies gold after battle by 2.5x. Requires Golden Quntar to access. Can also be accessed with only the royal salmon and the owl mount, by switching between the mounts midair to make extra long jumps.

Ultimate Armor Vendor: Located in Jade Cavern, accessible heading east along the waterway in Gran’s house. Requires Golden Quintar mount, and trades require 25 gold and the respective class mastery seal. Warning: you may want to farm the LP on those classes first since losing the class seals will increase your grinding time.

Stupid hyper-speed octopus: Southwest of Neptune Shrine (which is directly Southwest) If you manage to talk to it (from the front or side) it gives you a unique hat. If you wait a while above the west side of northern most underground root of the sequoia, you may see it. Warning: this is really annoying. A good location to wait for it is around here:

Boss Roundup

Lower Level optional Bosses (not related to crystals):

  • Troll (Delende: On a hill on the east side of Delende. Requires quintar mount.
  • Enami (Sequoia Capital: in the southern moat under the bridge)
  • Crag Demon (Cobblestone Crag)

Max Level optional Bosses:

  • Arachlea (Sky Arena: Fight #10)
  • Hermetic (Tall Tall Heights: Pops in and out of the Snow near enemies just south of Sequia Athenaeum)
  • Rexosaur (Jidamba Tangle: Disguised as a regular encounter in the north east section of the map)
  • Undergrowth (Eastern Chasm: The Location of the 2nd quintar race. In the spike pit there is a hole with a patch of grass visible, the boss is located down there)
  • Anubis (Ancient Labyrinth: enter from a squiggly block near the top of the big cube in Poko Desert. Requires 3 ancient tablets from Salmon Bay to solve puzzles)
  • Buttermint + Quintar Enthusiast (Rolling Quintar Fields: Give him a Trusty or Woke quintar eye)
  • Dummy L?? (Capital: Kill all the other training dummies to unlock him)
  • Spirit Cage (The Sequoia: Requires Golden Quintar Mount, but can be also done with some dexterity and midair mount swapping)
  • The Peacekeeper (The Depths)
  • The Enforcer (The Depths)
  • The Devourer (The Depths: The boss most likely to murder your party)
  • The Old One (The Depths: In a small section isolated from the rest of The Depths)
  • Conscript (Continental Tram: Swim into the station at Poko Poko Bazaar)
  • Gabriel (The Depths: After killing the previous 5 bosses, head to the source of corruption in The Depths)
  • Periculum (The Old World: Plant the Dark seed that Gabriel drops; the grown monster drops the Old World Warpstone that takes you to the boss.)
  • Astley 2.0 (The New World: If you have the Proof of Merit that Periculum drops, you get some additional dialogue and can trigger a hard-mode version of this fight.)
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  1. Tried to get Nomad Class in the Salmon Race but didn’t work. I tried every answer on the quizz but the Cat River Ego is always unsatisfied. My first guest for the right answer was: 4, 16 and Salmon.

  2. Yeah I figured, but I checked all the attics and I can’t find it. I figured I maybe found it but sold it because at the time I didn’t know what they were used for… But even then. The hobo doesn’t sell it, so clearly I never had it. Also beside that, idk how do I get the Salmon mount. I assume I need to finish first in the Salmon race… but it’s pretty much impossible. I tried like 20 times and the best I got is 3th.

  3. The secret to beating The Devourer is ninjas. IDK what your party is, give everyone ninja subclass, and get 90% evasion. Win! Also the ability that lets you re-raise is great for a passive for this fight. Ninja evasion, plus passive ‘if less than 30% chance to his you, always miss you’, and reraise JUST in case for some reason he targets the same dude more than 4 times before he forgets who he’s hitting.

  4. Oh oke, it only having 1 hp actually does help. And really chi blast goes around it idk. Well, I know what I am doing next. Thank you

  5. One question. How do I get around Tira? The 18 attacks buff is stupid. I tried dispel. I tried Feathercut. Nothing goes around it. It’s impossible.

    • Try using classes that attack multiple times – You have to run down the ticks of that status she has until they’re gone, then even 1hp of damage will thwap Tira.

  6. ok so i discovered something about that octopus.
    the image above is the ‘starting point’
    if u move south west PAST a small ‘blue’ area and come back, u can make the octopus ‘respawn’
    after that, treat it as a race, try running in front of it and turning around to talk to it.

    note that i was using the golden quintar for this strat

  7. Hey, i don’t know if you plan on updating this guide at all, but I recently posted a better way to get the Speedy Octopus. Its reliable and can be done in 20 seconds. You shouldn’t just afk wait because that won’t cause it to spawn.

    • Hey, I went ahead and linked your setup. I can’t test it myself since the Octopus doesn’t respawn after you catch it (I think at least?) but I’ll take your word for it.

  8. I visited (died to) the troll way before even knowing what a Quintar is. can just climb up there.

  9. +1 you don’t need a Quintar to get to the troll. The troll was the enemy against which I discovered that when a flame is “too hard” red, it MEANS it’s too freaking hard right now.

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