Crystal Project – All Scholar Skills Locations

Just a reminder where i got the skills.

All Locations of Scholar Skills

1. Row

  • Infusion from the Jellyfish. Heal the target and yourself for an amount. On the beach below Delende.
  • Regenerate (100% hp single target) – screen house has 2 floors underground floors – a Boss that will onehit you a bit luck based (Cultist left from Capital sequoia alternative – you can surepass the guard with a trick even with 3 Crytals)
  • Sun Bath (heal multi target) – got it from Fiendish Quintar (alternative same spot as Barrier)
  • Roost (single target 6 turns x 150 healing) – Quintar Egg

2. Row

  • Build-Life
  • Lifegiver
  • Reverse polarity (Single target: Apply buff for one turn: Damage taken heals and healing is damage) – from Indecent Dweller (The lower floor of the cave).
  • Barrier from the Itachi enemy (flying eye monster) Apply buff: Take 35% less physical and magical damage for 3 turns. In the Yamagawa M.A. where you climb the mountain.

3. Row

  • Reflect (inside the Maze)
  • Adrenaline (selfmagic +10ap) – get it down south near the coast from the Cliffwolf
  • Aero (wind dmg single target) – got it from Fiendish Quintar
  • Whirlwind (multi target wind dmg) – Brutish Quintar
  • Get there from the right of this screen you can jump down to the pipe

4. Row

  • Fire-Breath
  • Lucky-Dice (single target Dmg) go left in the Pipe and find HOBO!
  • Explode
  • MP sickle from the Kamaitachi enemy (flying face with batwings) Single target: Damages MP.
  • In the Yamagawa M.A. where you climb the mountain.

5. Row

  • Atmoshear (2 Turn Confusion Debuff Multi target) – After the Shroom path in the lava area
  • (Sleep-aura)
  • Overload
  • Insult (generates Threat single Target) – Maze in Capital Sequoia


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