Cult of the Lamb – All Follower Traits You Can Roll

Why this guide? I checked follower trait guides and the traits you can roll are all jumbled up with traits you get from doctrines.

The Green Ones

The only one here that stands out is Gullible.

You will be healing your sick followers with flowers in the healing building anyway so Strong Constituion is pretty useless. Faith is very fleeting so whatever trait makes you gain or lose faith is of no huge consequence.

The Red Ones

Cynical is bad. Faithless is also pretty bad. The rest of them are about faith which can be worked around.

So What Does a Perfect Roll Look Like?

Make sure you roll Gullible and make sure you don’t roll Faithless. The rest can be worked around and Cynical is always bad but it can not be rolled wioth Gullible for obvious reasons.

Each follower will have 1-3 traits so if you roll a follower with Gullible only you pretty much have a perfect follower from the get-go.

I prefer giving any Gullible follower a moon necklace as it helps me remember who to resurrect and being able to work every night is so much better than all the other necklaces.

Written by Moony

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