Cult of the Lamb – Fervour’s Host / Helob Tarot Card

Tarot card guide to getting card #36 – Fervour’s Host from Helob.

You Came Here Because You Can’t Get Fervour’s Host

Fervour’s Host is the thirty-sixth tarot card that you get from the spider character Helob. This card is probably one of the hardest to get because there is little to no guidance to how to interact with.

This card is not obtainable from Helob outside of the dungeons. The interactions with Helob MUST BE done inside of the dungeons. This guide will show you the quick and easiest way to obtain.

Process of Card

This guide was written with witnesses in mind. These are runs that happen after you beat the boss (e.g. Leshy) and gives you access to three runs in a single instance of the dungeon.

First, start by entering Darkwood. This is the shortest and easiest mob and level. After clearing the first level of the dungeon, you will be looking for the following icon in the path. Notice that this is store tile with the follower icon underneath.

If you do not see it, you can either back out by using one of the bought abilities in game to start another run, or continue the path of least resistance to the next run in the instance.

You will meet Helob and you will have to purchase five followers from him. This requires five visits. He does show up multiple times in a single instance and its a matter of RNG to get him… and yes, it can take a while for him to show up.

Your final purchase with Helob will prompt the following text: “My number one customer…”. When you see this, he will present you the fervour’s tarot card.

If this is the last card remaining in your set, your achievement “full deck” will prompt.

Congratulations! It Is Finished!

Now you can strangle the game and the Internet for misleading you for hours for a tarot card. Now you’re pure evil.

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