DAVE THE DIVER – 480 per Day Guaranteed Bei Farming Spot

The spots in this guide are guaranteed spawn. No cheating needed, only your diligence.

Guaranteed Bei Farming Spot Guide

The Location

The farming location is the first gate (where you get Suwam to dance and open the door for you) in the upper right of the Glacial Area.

The cave’s location

Inside this cave-like gate are guaranteed 2 jade bowls, 4 jade beads, and 1 mining spot. They are a guaranteed spawn, so no cheating needed, only your diligence to visit this place twice per day.

  • 4 Jade beads = 120 Bei
  • 2 Jade Bowls = 120 Bei
  • = 240 per run
  • = 480 per day

What I will highlight in this guide is the optimum item collecting route, see the following images for details.

  • Once you’re in, follow the light downward to the first jade bead.
  • Head right and collect the second jade bead on the stairs.
  • Keep your eyes on the floor while swimming right. You will see your first jade bowl on the floor.
  • Swim right until you see the wall, mine the mineral if you want, then continue up and pick up the second jade bowl from beside the pinball machine.
  • Head left along the corridor, pick up the remaining two jade beads along the way. Exit via the left lever.
  • You’ll notice that your exit triggers the trap like your first visit, but this is nothing since we got all the items. Sell them at Duwa.

Now that concludes this guide. You may consider picking up the jade pedestal from the third gate, but the spawn of the pedestal is pretty random, so I didn’t include it here.

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