DAVE THE DIVER – How to Spend Gold

Gimme the loot.

Guide to Spend Gold

Making Money

  • Run the restaurant in evening.
  • Sell fish at the restaurant in the morning or afternoon.
  1. Go to banko’s.
  2. LB or RB to reach the ingredients tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Sell fish in bulk without the need to put it on the menu.
  4. Early game is only useful for getting rid of the fish you don’t want in the restaurant. late game allows you to farm at the fish farm which is one of the most profitable things to do late game.
  • Sell items found in the deep hole to the dude on the boat with a red shirt.
  1. He will buy gold bars, silver bowls, and all that stuff…after progression in the story. It’s not a great source of income but NECESSARY for inventory management. In early acess, inventory was limited and I lost some cool items because I ran out of room in my inventory on the ship. (it’s the yellow container on the boat)
  • Complete scavenger quests for the research lady with short hair.
  1. She rewards a lot of money for her scavenge missions.

Spending Money

The 2 smart options early on:

  1. Increase cargo on idiver app.
  2. Hire employees and train them for skills. training them in the restaurant tab for employees allows them to gain certain skills like being able to serve drinks for you or making wasabi for you. Then dave can sit in the corner like he was meant to 🙂

The fun way:

  1. Buy decorations as early as possible because if you wait too long, you will not complete this before finishing the story. The restaurant is very fun early game. as the game progresses, the story begins to take over and you will max out your scuba upgrades relatively early.

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