Dead Frontier 2 – Basic Looter Guide

Hello, this guide is to teach you how to become a efficient looter and also to help you determine if the item is valuable a not.

Basic Guide to Loot

All credit goes to Jacklary!

Skill Choice

You need two essential skill to become a looter which is the self explanatory passive skill Looter and active skill Sprinter to run back to outpost faster and also great for escape sticky situation like getting chase by the unkillable boss stalker. The rest of skill is just pick your favorite weapon playstyle and passive skill Mule if you got trouble in inventory management or you want to loot more stuff.

Weapon Choice

I will recommend to stick to one primary weapon like rifle/shotgun and one secondary weapon like pistol/melee. Melee is good if you want to save up some ammo. Submachine gun and assault rifle are not recommend for looter due to the amount of bullet it use but is the best weapon for boss hunting due to the high dps.

Item Category for Looting


  • Bullets most of the time is consider a good loot except for .32 ACP. Bullets is expensive and you don’t want to throw these away…Just throw it to the market and it will sold out within an hour.


  • General rule is the higher amount hp recover the more expensive it is so aim to loot those first aid kit and use those medicine item that only heal 10+ hp. And also when you level up you will recover full hp. Not really useful in high level but come in handy when you are low level.

Food and Drink

  • Same as above as the higher amount of food and drink recover the more expensive it is. So don’t eat your Peanut Butter and drink your Orange Juice and bring those item back to outpost and sell it!


  • Both are basically same type of looting item so I will put it in the same category. Drop those damaged/normal weapons and clothes cos no one will ever buy them and they also don’t provide a lot of scrap value. Unique and elite is what we always aim for cos the good one is expensive like hell. My advice is unless you got extra sell slot to sell those rare superior or normal items, if not just scrap it to save space and time.

Some other looting tips

  • Gray item aka keys ,mission item like wedding ring and experience item like newspaper diary memo won’t use up your inventory slot so you can leave it in the inventory bring back to outpost equip you exp item and use it for extra exp and discard it later.
  • Building types will have different loot bonuses. Common sense is hospital got more chance to find medical item and restaurant got more chance to find more food and vice versa.
  • A room will usually only contain one to two looting place and it glow in yellow.
  • ??? means boss room. Not recommend for solo looter due to the amount of bullet and medicine item use…Unless you hunting for unique loots.
  • Locked room and bosses got higher chance to find better loot but you can loot those sweet unique item at common looting point also.
  • Market price is control by player so in other word if a group of player rich enough they can manipulate the market price.
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