DeadPoly – Simple Scrapping and Selling Tips

Here are some simple common sense tips that can help you to get some more resources without cheating, or use some more effectively (as with current game version v05b). You might know them already but in case not.

Tips to Scrapping and Selling

Scrapping Items

Small Bottles of Water have 2 drinks

But if you drink 1 time, you can then scrap the last 1, and get some Scrap Plastic too.

Large Bottles of Water have 10 drinks

If you keep drinking from the same water, when it gets low, you can scrap it for a decent amount of plastic.

Scrap amounts are also random, so the 1st time you scrap something, you might get the lower range of resources, such as 0-1 metal and 0-1 brass for the starting Pan item, but keep trying and you will get more next time.

Selling Items

Painkillers have 10 uses

But if you keep using them until 1 or a few are remaining, you can still sell for money.

Medkits have 5 users

But if you keep using them until 1 of a few are remaining, you can still sell for money.

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