Death Must Die – Ghost Matter Achievement Guide

How to Get The Ghost Matter Achievement

Ghost Matter
Win an attempt without taking damage

Just got the Ghost matter trophy at Difficulty 8. Here what I ran!

I just finished getting this trophy i did it at 8 difficulty for no reason at all. Well I turned on no healing cuz you cant get hit. No drops and aoe for elites I think. Anyways it was pretty easy I ran Time, Winter and Death. You really need malady for it to go smooth.

Get ravens and the spellpower buff from cursed enemies dying and just set up a frostnova rotation inside the time bubble for buffing your spell power.

Everything spreads the curse and freeze with malady and you just sit inside the bubble. For elites and bosses you use Lifelink and just nuke them down with all that spellpower you farmed.

I literally was afk just swinging my sword to proc frost novas so nothing could reach me.

  • Winter – Aoe boon and frost nova boon. Didnt get them but Hoarfrost and World Freeze would help
  • Death – Lifelink, Crows Spellpower from cursed enemies dying and Malady to spread debuffs.
  • Time – You pretty much want everything but alteration ritual because that can mess up your stacking spellpower from curse kills by giving you autocast things

Heres my end game screenshot:

Note: Skadi is beyond busted running Xp per second gear. A nerf might be needed theres times ive reached level 55+ just under 25xp a second character sheet is here.

Written by Combatron

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