Demonologist – Helpful Tips and Tricks for New Players

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

1) Using the Ouija board can let you find the ghost if you ask where it is. However it will drain your sanity and depending on difficulty it can be a huge drop! So be careful.

2) Like the Ouija board, Using the tarot cards will drain your sanity and all the cards you get are random but most are harmful. (it be nice to know what card does what but there is no guide in game about it)

3) The more lights you turn on in the house the more higher chance you have for it to break. For example on easy you can have a total of 4 lights on and if you turn on anymore they will 100% break! You can turn off a light and turn on a different one in a different room if you are not using that room.

4) Sanity is very important and can be affected in different ways. However I will give you some tips on how to keep it up and for it to degrade slower. Don’t stay in the dark for to long. Don’t stay around ghost activity for long periods of time!

5) Put down the canvas and ESG right away as these tend to take the longest to detect. Even now it does’t show up much and it makes it harder to detect what ghost it is.

6) Come up with a plan to keep yourself safe. Some of mines is to take two crosses and drop them by the door where you exit. If ♥ goes bad and it will! you can fall back and grab one and head to the exit to regroup or rethink your plan! Sanity pills are helpful more so in single player as they will keep you alive!

7) Sanity pill bottles may be used once per round but they will be giving back to you if you don’t die so you don’t have to rebuy them.

8) Crosses can only be use once per round as it will disappear if the ghost catches you but that means you would have died other wise if you didn’t have the cross. Also like Sanity bottles you will be given back the cross to reuse for another round if you don’t die.

9) Ghost will start to hunt when you sanity is around this lvl.

  • Easy: 30%
  • Medium: 50%
  • Hard: 60-70%

Tip: This can also change depending on the ghost

10) Sanity pills will heal you around this %

  • Easy: 40%
  • Medium: 30%
  • Hard: 20%
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  1. Tbh Ouija Board is not worth it due to the sanity loss and it only tells you where the ghost currently is.

    Cards are great. Void does nothing, Wheel of Fortune randomly inc/dec your sanity, Angel resses, Aggressive usually means more active ghost, Death is usually a hunt. Dunno rest.

    The doll is the most useful. It forces the ghost to do an interaction and it barely eats any sanity.

    Keep moving canvas and ESG. It’s always a good idea to put them in the middle of a hallway, doorway etc. and it’s best if you just keep moving it to the spots the ghost interacted with (so like if it just messed with some drawers, slam the easel there immediately). ESG is also very quick, it can flash in a second, so constantly keep looking at it, pref a video camera.

    Sanity pills and crosses are basically mandatory for Medium and up. Either you have to get lucky that the hunt starts when you are far away and can hide (or loop them around something), or you have to have your crucifix.

  2. Ye if we get exact % it would be good too. Though today I had my sanity droped by 20% in one attack. Ofcourse I tought it was Oni, but it turned out to be Onryo…

    • Some ghost can be very aggressive. Some more than others. For example the Revenant will hunt you no matter what your sanity is if it feels like it. Ghost like the Oni can quickly lower your sanity without you noticing. The Oni was the first ghost to Kill me as I went back to the command center to grab somethings (was only about 5 mins into the game) checked my sanity and it was around 78% (on easy mode) went back into the house. Was trying to wait to get more evidence where the ghost was at. Two mins in and two ghost events later it started to hunt me. I managed to lived went back to the command center to checked my sanity and it was 21%! I bounced on that one but I swear the next round same f#$king ghost. K.O me! Also Deogen and Onryo if you are playing alone they tend to hunt you faster! However ghost like the demon are so laid back even at 0% sanity it will not hunt you. So as I said before. Different ghost react and hunt differently.

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