Meet Your Maker – How to Deal with Killboxes

Everyone here are complaining about killboxes. So to help people to understand why killboxes is not the problem, few things.

Killboxes Are Not the Problem

1) Saves outposts from beta is a problem

I told devs when they decided to keep outposts and advancements for people who played beta: its a problem.

Cause during the launch, people (like me) already had 11 differents traps/troops unlocked, and some mods. So its pretty easy for me to create a killbox.

At the same time, raiders who played during beta got upgrades for weapon, like ammo, shield, revive,… So its totally possible for them to do killboxes.

But at the same time, you have new people starting the game, with 2 ammos and the blade, trying to beat brutal outposts created by people who already played 40h and complaining its too hard. So yeah, it would be smarter to let all people start from scratch.

2) Upgrades of stuff

To play MyM, you have to raid and / or build outposts. When you do it, you earn materials to upgrade your weapons, or to buy traps / troops.

Just to let new people here have an idea: during my 40h played during beta, I unlocked 11 on 13 traps/troops and only 15 mods on 64 possible. So im far away to have unlock all and my outpost are far from the best i can create. I think i would need more than 100h playing to unlock all.

So yeah, you need to play game, to unlock stuff (both traps or troops for builders and weapons upgrades for raiders). And so, its gonna be easier for you to play the game.

3) Difficulty of outposts

When you start playing Elden Ring, you can try to beat the golden knight at the start. Some people are gonna try again and again and maybe finally beat him. But most people would try, and think: “its too hard for me, im gonna come back later”.

Its the same here in MyM. You are starting the game, trying to beat an outpost made by a 50h playing guy, and complaining its too hard ??? So just keep playing normal outpost, maybe some dangerous one then, when you are better (in skills and upgrades) come back to destroy brutal outposts and killboxes !!!

So let time flies and less and less people are gonna complain about killboxes when they learn how to beat it.

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