Destiny 2 – Solar Titan Build (PVE / Season 20)

Maximum resilience and discipline, create more orbs more often, gain abilities all the time and kill everything with the god rolled weapons.


I find this combination of armor and weapons vrey effecitve. Of course there are many options. We ‘ll check one alternative.

The Armor

First of all, I use the best (according to my opinion) exotic helmet for solar super/abilities. Loreley Splendor Helm.

Exotic Perk: Cauterizing Flame

When you are critically wounded with full class ability energy or when you cast a Barricade, create a Sunspot at your location that has improved restoration effects.

I use special and heavy ammo finder mods, so as to increase the drop chance of these kinds of ammunition for my weapons.

I use “Firepower” mod so as to create orbs from grenade final blows. Remember that I have 100 discipline.

Also I use “Bolstering Detonation” so as to take back class ability energy when I cause damage with grenades.

When the shields become broken, we gain damage reduction. I can make easily orbs so as to take them and gain armor charges. Putting 2 of these mods, I gain an extension of the duration of damage reduction.

Using “Solar Weapon Surge” my solar weapons gain a small bonus to damage when I have an armor charge.

“Absolution” reduces all abilities cooldowns each time I pick up an orb of power. Remember that I have 100 discipline and I make orbs from greanade damage. So taking these orbs, I gain back abilities energy.

“Bomber” mod, reduces grenade cooldown when I use my class ability. More grenades, more orbs, more armor charges, bigger frequency of using abilities.

Finishers provide overshields. Not bad.

Longer duration of decaying armor charges.


Maybe the best exotic submachine gun.

I love this solar grenade lancher. “Disruption Break” trait is very good. Braking a combatant’s shield makes him more vulnerable to kinetic damage. So I use the grenade lancher to break enemies shields and I “finish” them with osteo striga. Also with “Auto Loading Holster”, the holstered weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time. Very useful trait especially for grenade lanchers machineguns and rocket lanchers.

This is the god roll for “Roar of the Bear”. After the detonation of the main rocket, clusterbombs are spawned. This is amazing for clearing ads. Also this trait makes more damage to a boss because of these bombs. The advantage of this weapon is the big blast radius. Its disadvantage is the small velocity. However with “Impulse Amplifier” we have increased velocity and reload speed. This trait, combined with Velocity masterwork, nullifies the disadvantage.

Aspects and Fragments

Sol Invictus aspect.

Sunspots are created from solar ability final blows. When standing in a sunspot, solar abilities regenerate faster.

Roaring Flames aspect.

The damage of solar abilities is increased from final blows with solar abilities.

Ember of Char fragment.

+10 discipline to reach 100.

Alternative Option

Witherhoard exotic grenade lancher.

No comments. All time classic weapon for ad control and boss damage. I use the submachine gun , I reload, then I use the grenade lancher one time. Till I ll use and reload my submachine gun again, the witherhoard will be reloaded automatically because of the catalyst.

Calus mini tool submachine gun.

Unrelenting trait: Rapidly defeating targets triggers health regeneration. Guardians and powerful combatants count as more than one kill.

Incadescent trait: Defeating a target spreads scorch to those nearby. More powerful combatants and opposing Guardians cause scorch in a larger radius.

To Excess trait: Final blows with this weapon while your Super is full grant a bonus to Strength and Discipline for a moderate duration.

Burn your enemies making explosions so as more to be killed.

Fixed Odds machine gun.

Arrowhead Brake:

Lightly vented barrel.

  • Greatly controls recoil
  • Increases handling speed

Tactical Mag:

  • Slightly increases stability
  • Increases reload speed
  • Slightly increases magazine size

Feeding Frenzy trait:

Each rapid kill with this weapon progressively increases reload speed for a short time.

Also I use reload masterwork and “backup mag” mod for increased magazine.


According to the specific requirements of each grandmaster strike, you can use solar pulse rifles or scout rifles to stun champions. About solar pulse rifles you can use BxR -55 Butler (with demolitionist and incadescent) or Ogma PR6 (with demolitionist and adrenaline junkie). “Polaris lance” or “Vision of conlfuence” could be some good options about scout rifles.

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