Honkai: Star Rail – F2P Stellar Jades Saving Tips

Here are quite many sources of income for the special pass in this very first banner. Granted, I manage to control myself to stop warping after 36 pulls and getting Seele as my very first character.

But even with that, I saw some players fail to control the gacha addiction even after they got Seele or other 5 stars.

Here are some tips and motivation you might want to consider to save stellar jades and control your urge to pull in case you want to save for future characters:

Amazing Free Characters

Although I have 2 5-stars characters at the moment (Seele & Himeko from beginner banner), in most situation, my team consists of MC, March, and Natasha.

It seems that many players also found DanHeng, Asta, and Serval very useful. But I don’t use Dan Heng because I have Seele as my primary Hunt character, and I don’t use Asta and Serval just because Himeko can cover their element/path slot.

My typical team composition

Currently my team can easily beat Simulated World 5 almost unscathed with MC, March, Natasha, plus Himeko/Seele and Preservation blessings.

And I have just finished Memory Stage 12 with 3* with at least one low level character in each team (they can be very useful to break enemy’s weakness!). Thanks to MC and March’s shields, no one died in both teams.

Guaranteed Free 5* For Everyone!

Related to my first point, all of us get at least one 5-stars character from the beginner banner, and one 5-stars is enough to build a good team with 3 free characters with zero eidolon.

Think of the 5 stars to be just an alternative to the free characters we got rather than a must-have character to beat the contents. For example:

  • Seele is an alternative for DanHeng
  • Himeko/Welt is an alternative for Serval
  • Bailu is an alternative for Natasha
  • Gepard is an alternative for March/Fire MC

“You got a 5*! You got a 5*! Everyone got a 5*!”

Free 5* Cones!

Unlike in Genshin, free 5-stars light cones are available for us by completing some contents in HSR.

Even some 4-stars light cones can be very strong at this stage. So, having a limited 5-stars light cone from the banner is not that urgent.

To get them, DON’T BUY Star Rail Pass from Hertha Store yet! Prioritize saving 8 Hertha Bonds and getting the 5* cones first.

The Hunt light cone is great for Seele or DanHeng if you don’t have their signature light cone.

Powerful free 5* light cone’s passive

Building Characters Is a Chore!

We can’t afford to build many characters/light cones at this stage, especially as F2P.

I’m currently in Trailblaze Lv.44 and building my 5 core members are definitely a chore!!

If you’re happy with your current team composition, don’t force yourself to collect and build all characters.

It might ruin your gaming experience instead. And if you like some characters because of their character, we can still see and interact with them in the Express anyway without having to get them (unlike in Genshin teapot).

Upgrading all talents for one character might require 2-3 days worth of energies

Many Free Standard Warps

Lasst but not least, we get many free warps in standard banner already.

My luck with standard banner is not as good as my luck in Seele’s banner.

In my 92 warps, I only got 5-stars Harmony light cones, and my core team does not include any Harmony character…

But you might be luckier, and get a more useful 5-stars light cone/character. This can be another reason to control yourself not to spend your stellar jades for now if you’re saving for future characters.

Almost a hundred free standard warps in 3 weeks. 207 more to get one of them!

Those are some considerations I can offer you to tackle the urge to pull in the special banner if you want to save the stellar jade. Is there any tips that you agree/disagree with?

Do you have any other tips that you can share with other?

Is there any character you’re saving your stellar jades for? (I’m saving for Luocha btw)

Very lucky to get her as my first pull ever with special pass

Saving 125 special pass** in 3 weeks as F2P

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