Destiny 2 – All Hawkmoon Feather Locations

Where to Find All Hawkmoon Feathers

Feather 1

It’s right at the exit of the Spider’s Lair (the building where you accept the quest).

Feather 2

It’s in the EDZ. In the Sludge (already collected it but it’s where I stand).

Feather 3

It’s in the cosmodrome on the building you spawn in (where I stand).

Feather 4

In the Dreaming City at the left side of the entrance of that huge building in the area where you spawn (where I point to).

Feather 5

On the moon in Oryx Shrine (Fanatic Nightmare Hunt). It’s in the boss room so run to the end. To get to Oryx shrine go over Archer’s Line into the hive building (where I point to).


  1. Thanks for this, wouldn’t have found half of them without you! Small correction though for the second feather: It’s in the Sludge, not the Gulch.

  2. oh thank god man, this would have taken me centuries. Found all the feather in like 10 min, ty for the guide

  3. Actually falcon, you don’t need the Shadowkeep DLC, you just need to unlock the Moon as a destination

    All that takes is doing the intro quest

  4. First of All thank you for this guide .. I would like to add that for the final feather don’t go to an actual hunt .. just patrol normally .. If you go to Oryx Shrine while playing the hunt the feather will not show up.

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