Deus Ex: Revision – Brightness Issues Fixing Guide

From time to time, some players encounter brightness issues in the game. The brightness is either too high or too low, but no matter how much they move the brightness slider, the brightness does not change.

How to Fix Brightness Issues

Reason and Solution

If you encounter a situation where the brightness is too high or too low, which cannot be changed in the game settings, then most likely the cause of the problem is an application like “Armoury Crate”, in my case this application was the cause.

In the “GameVisual” section of this application, I had the “Default” mode set, because of which the game looked like on the screenshot for me.

But as soon as I changed the mode from “Default” to “FPS”, the brightness in the game immediately became normal, so look for a similar application on your computer and experiment with the modes.

UPD: Oh! It seems that the screenshots could not catch the problem with brightness.

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