The Planet Crafter – Secret Trees

Unlisted Craftable Tree

The Pleom Tree

This tree can be crafted from the Golden seeds found in the 9 golden chests spread around the map. Created the same as other tree seeds by combining the seed, tree bark, and mutagen in the DNA Manipulator.

Due to the limited amount of Golden seeds available the number of times you can craft these is limited. Don’t lose them.

Lore Hidden Tree

The Iterra Tree

This tree seed can only be found. As far as I am aware only one copy exists in the world so DO NOT lose it.

The lore leading to the location begins in one of the survival bunkers found towards the edge of the map near the wheel.

The ship referenced is the cruiser, downed in the desert. To get to the described panel you will need to enter quite deep into the cruiser so an O2 is recommended. *Rough directions; go up the first ladder, head to the right through the room filled with computers, past the biotubes then you should see a second ladder heading up to another floor. At the back of this room you should find the panel and three containers behind.

This tree might be my personal favorite, it grows in small clumps with a lot of variety.


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  1. I managed to sneakpeak behind the “door” in the super alloy cave, didnt see anything behind there :/ Might be something there later on..

  2. there’s another iterra seed behind a locked door in the freighter on the hill next to the main lake. door opens after the fission reactor is used

  3. if you summon a uranium, then iridium meteor storm with rockets , you almost always get the super alloy storm after.

  4. There is another secret compartment in another ship outside of the lore secret. It is inside another ship. Also I found 2 Iterra trees.

  5. everything can be placed in a display case and golden seeds are found in the gold chest you weeb

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