Diablo 4 – Simple Necro Summoner Build

Necro Summoner Build

I started thinking my build the other day, which will be minion/cropse explosion fest, but minion/shadow (corpse can be shadow too) is also appealing:

  • Skels
  • Golem
  • Army of the dead (this may fall depending on how it performs, probably better to pick the spear or tendrils to apply vulnerable and change the iron golem for the blood golem)
  • Blood Mist (else you’ll die)
  • Decrepify (could be changed by corpse tendrills as it applies slow, stun and vulnerable to all surrounding enemies… But think decrepify will work better as you can get Amplify Damage that is a multiplier to cursed enemies, you can apply stun/slow/vulnerable from other sources, also decrepify has no cooldown and it also helps reducing the cooldown for army of the dead, while tendrils has 11 secs cooldwon)
  • Corpse explosion

You need no resource generation as all your skills are free apart from decrepify, which just consumes 10, yet you have to invest one point in Grim Harvest in order to get the damage multiplier from Fueled by Death, so you’ll be at 100% resource most of the time. There’s a legendary that buffs damage while having full resource, so you may want to seek that.

You want to max out corpse generation as is the fuel for corpse explosion. Corpse generation also maintains you fortified and replenish your mana.

On the skill tree pick everything that buffs minions and corpses. And on utility skills like blood mist or decrepify you only need to invest one point and in the case of decrepify, the reduce cooldown modifier can be perfect if you go with army of the dead.

There are two paragon boards to buff minions too and some legendaries, you want the +2 skels and the +2 skel mages for sure. And there’s also another one that boosts corpse explosion area and damage whenever there are up to 4 corpses around, so you may want that too.

Iron golem can be your main source to apply Vulnerable, but you need to trade off the survivability that gives you the Blood Golem.

Vulnerable (iron golem), Stun (shadow skel mages, iron golem, decrepify modifier) and Slow (decrepify) multiply your corpse explosion damage, so you want that.

The gameplay would be pretty simple, throw decrepify, spam corpse explosion, keep your minions alive and use mist if things go wrong.

Minion builds will probably fail on endgame, depending on how skels scale, so making a good build is not that straight forward as it may seem.

Necro wil be the slowest and hardest class for sure unless you pick a very specific build that turns you in a sorc, so if you want that gameplay, just pick sorc.

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