Diablo 4 – Tips for PC Controls

Possible Spoilers!

Although it is not meant to divulge anything that players would wish to remain a secret before playing, some people may choose to learn about some of the items on this list independently. There are no Main Quest, Side Quest, or comparable plot aspect spoilers.

Interacting with the World

  • Picking Things Up – The only things which drop that you need to click on to pick-up are items your character can wear and quest items. All crafting resources, health potions and gold can be picked up by walking over it.
  • Whispering Keys – The Purveyor of Curiosities sells keys that can open locked chests out in the open world. It is a good idea to have a few of these in your inventory when you head out adventuring. They can be bought for 20 Murmmering Obols.
  • Faded Plaques and Emotes – Out in the open world you can come across statues that have faded plaques you can read. The plaque will have text and one of the words will be in in all caps, which is a hint as to what to do next. Stand in the little circle next to the statue and do the proper emote (indicated by the emphasized word on the plaque) and you will receive a temporary bonus of some kind. The bonuses vary from cosmetic to quite helpful.
  • Resurrecting other Players – You can resurrect a player who has died by clicking on their ghost. A progress bar will pop-up indicating the resurrection’s progress. If you are interrupted in the middle of resurrecting a person, you can return to continue resurrecting the same player starting at the point you left off on the progress bar.


  • Accessing the Renown Tracker – Access the world map by pressing “tab” and from there you can press “w” and it will bring up the renown tracker. You can claim any renown bonuses here, review any you have already claimed or see what is required to claim future rewards.
  • Advanced Tool Tip – If you want more info on the stats for skills and such, you can go into the options and enable Advanced Tool Tips. This will let you see things like the proc coefficient for skills (called Lucky Hit in the game).
  • Linking Items in Chat – You can link items in chat the same way you can do it in D3. Open your inventory, open chat, and then “shift + click” on the item.
  • Accessing the Skill Selection Window – Press “S” to see all the skills you have that can be assigned to your skill bar. In addition to skills that come from the skill tree, it will also show skills that come solely from your equipment and allow you to place them on your skill bar.
  • (Barbarian) Changing Weapons Used for a Skill – This may only be relevant for the Barbarian who has three different weapons, but you can switch which skill uses which weapon from the Skill Selection window. Press “S” to access this window, then left click on a skill on your skill bar. You can then use your center mouse button to cycle between your different weapons or choose the “Auto” function to allow the game to choose for you.


  • Teleporting to Other Party Members – You can teleport to another party member’s location by first traveling to the waypoint in Kyovashad, and then clicking on the portal of the person you want to teleport to.
  • Party Up for Extra XP – You get a 5% bonus to xp gained by being near another player, and this is doubled if that player is in your party.

Mapping, Open World, & Dungeons

  • Returning to a Dungeon’s Entrance from Inside the Dungeon – While in the dungeon open your map (hit “tab”), then move the map to show the dungeon’s entrance. Click on the little stairs icon and you should be teleported to the outside entrance of the dungeon. You can also press “E” and from the window that pops-up choose the Exit Dungeon option.
  • Mini-map and Directions – If you want some help finding your way to a destination, you can open the world map, find where you want to go and then right click to drop a pin. The game will then draw a path for you, which is also shown in the mini-map in the upper right of the screen. In addition, Party members can see your pin, and place their own over it to get their own directions from wherever they are in the world.

Items & Resources

  • Improving Your Potions – You can improve the potion effectiveness for each character at the Alchemist at certain levels; check in at the Alchemist to find out at which levels you can improve your potion.
  • Elixirs for Bonuses – The Alchemist also makes elixirs which can give bonuses like thorns, armor, attack speed, resistances, etc…, and these bonuses last 30 minutes. Plus the elixirs give a 5% bonus to experience gained. Craft some these right away to help with leveling. These can be used by going to the “Consumables” tab in your inventory.
  • Salvaging Aspects – At the Occultist you can remove the Legendary power from an item, which is then placed in your inventory under the “Aspects” tab. These can then be used to add the aspects’ ability to a rare. Most aspects can be added to more than one type of gear, but once you add the salvaged aspect to a rare, it can’t be removed. So these are one use only, unlike the aspects (Codex of Power) that are acquired from dungeons.
  • Applying aspects to Legendaries – You can also apply aspects to legendaries. Doing so will overwrite the aspect that is currently on the legendary. The overwritten aspect will be gone for good with no way to recover it.
  • Sell Items to get Gold – Once you start upgrading items, gems, adding aspects, re-rolling stats, etc…, you will be spending a lot of gold. You will likely need more gold than you have crafting mats, and you can get a lot of gold by selling items.


  • Boosting Alts – Try to find as many Shrines of Lilith (there are 28 to find in Fractured Peaks) as you can and max out the Renown bonuses, as these provide account wide bonuses that apply to all characters.


  • Viewing Other Players Set-Up – From your friends list or from the party menu (both accessed by pressing the “o” key), you can view their profile to see how their current character is equipped.

Strategy & Tactics

  • Party up to Make Boss Fights Easier – If you are having a tough time with a boss, party up. Though the boss will scale to the number of players, if you die during the fight, your party member(s) can resurrect you.
  • Return to Town to Heal and Refresh Your Potions – If you run out of potions in a fight, if you can teleport to town, visit the healer who will refill your health globe and max out your potion limit. then use your portal to return to the fight.
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