Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – How to Get Powers During the Prologue and Use the Twin Bladed Knife

Please note: all credit goes to _orbitΛldrop!

This guide will tell you how to give yourself all of Billie’s powers during the prologue before the outsides replaces your arm. This also lets you use both OG+ and normal powers together and get the void sword & void blast early.

Guide to Powers and Twin Bladed Knife


Like this description says, this allows you to give yourself powers before you officially get them in the campaign. I am not responsible if you break your save if you decided to follow this guide. This guide assumes you know how to use Cheat Engine.

All normal + OG+ powers and the void sword in the prologue mission.


First things first, you will need 2 things:

  1. Cheat engine, which can be acquired here.
  2. Sunbeam’s Death of the Outsider table, which can be acquired here.

Inventory Editing Time

Now you have all installed cheat engine and have grabbed a copy of the ct table we can start.

After you open the ct table you should see an option called Inventory editor. First go into the game and load the save you want to edit, then activate it. Go back to your game and resume it so the table can acquire pointers, then tab back to the table and activate “Toggle Inventory Editor”. You should see something like this:

The warned, the GUI is rather messed up.

If you click on the string of text behind the input boxes a drop down menu should appear.

To give yourself something just select something from the menu and change the number in the center input box to 1 and then click set value, return to the game and save then reload.


Scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu and you should see 5 options that start with models/powers, these are your powers.

OG+ Powers

  • blink: Self-Explanatory
  • darkvision: Self-Explanatory
  • phantasmallink: Domino

Normal Powers

  • swapper: Displace
  • mimic: Semblance
  • the_eye: Foresight


in order to change the weapons you first need to remove your equipped weapon, to do so select your weapon from the drop down and change the number in the center box to 0 and click set value.

Afterwards go to select your preferred weapon and add it in.

The weapons are at the very bottom of the dropdown box.

  • assassinsword0: The sword you start the game with.
  • knife01: twin bladed knife – void sword you get in the bank mission.
  • ply_sword: sword from dishonored 2, animations don’t work though.

To enable void strike select “components/characters/player/billie/attributes/void_” and add that.

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