Dome Keeper – Tree Seed Explanatory Guide

Here’s what I’ve gathered about the Tree Seed.

Guide to Tree Seed

  • You place it on any block and it starts to grow on that block and over time it will spread its roots to more blocks, maybe up to 5 blocks of distance, not sure about that yet.
  • If you break the block it has taken root on you can retrieve the seed and place it elsewhere. Other root blocks don’t drop seeds so you can only have that 1 seed.
  • You can place the seed on a resource block and when the tree is grown it will produce that resource over time. I assume that because of the root spreading mechanic you don’t necessarily have to place the tree right on top of a resource block. As long as the roots grow inside a resource block the tree will produce that resource. Will have to test if a tree can produce multiple types of resources this way, but for now I assume the answer is yes.
  • The tree can produce up to 3 Iron (yellow cube) once a day. It probably needs at least 3 yellow resource blocks under it, but that should be tested. I didn’t count how many cycles it takes for the tree to start producing iron, maybe 3. It might produce only 2 iron first but it will grow a 3rd branch the next cycle.
  • If you place the seed on a Cobalt ore block (purple triangles) it seems to take longer to grow and produce cobalt, which you will get 1 only.

Something that needs to be tested is how many resources the tree can produce if it can touch all 3 types of resources.


You can place it right under the dome on a regular block without a resource and it’ll still produce one iron per day. Which is kind of silly cause it feels like its a waste for it to be placed on a bunch of them or even one….

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