Dome Keeper – Tree Seed Explanatory Guide

Here’s what I’ve gathered about the Tree Seed.

Guide to Tree Seed

To grow a Tree Seed, place it on any block. It’ll gradually spread its roots to nearby blocks, potentially up to 5 blocks away.

If you break the block it’s rooted on, you can move the seed elsewhere. Only one seed can be active at a time.

When the tree matures, it yields resources depending on the block it’s grown on. It seems roots can reach resources nearby, not just directly below.

For instance, placing it on an Iron resource block may yield up to 3 Iron cubes daily. It might need 3 resource blocks below to start production.

Testing is needed to confirm if a tree can produce multiple resources simultaneously.

If placed on Cobalt ore, it takes longer to grow and yields only 1 Cobalt.

Further testing is required to determine if the tree can produce from multiple resource types simultaneously.

Bonus: Placing the seed directly under the dome on any regular block yields 1 Iron daily, regardless of resource availability.

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