Terraria – 100% New Achievement Guide (1.4.4 Labour of Love)

Please note: all credit goes to veryblocky!

How to complete the 11 new achievements added in the 1.4.4 Labour of Love update.

How to Obtain All Labour of Love Achievements

An Eye For An Eye

“Defeat Deerclops, the chilly one-eyed monstrosity from a foreign land.”

For this, simply defeat Deerclops. While the boss can spawn naturally, this requires a Blizzard at midnight and for at least one player to have either 9 defence or 200 health. It is much easier to craft a Deer Thing, which can summon Deerclops when used in a Snow Biome.

A Deer Thing can be crafted using 3x Flinx Fur, 1x Lens, and 5x Demonite/Crimtane Ore

Feast of Midas

“Obtain Golden Delight, the highest quality meal made from the highest quality . . . ingredients.”

To complete this achievement, you simply have to craft a Golden Delight, which is done by using a Gold Worm at a Cooking Pot.

An easy way to get this achievement is to use Journey mode and research the Can of Worms, which is found in surface chests. Then duplicate the item, and keep opening them until you get a Gold Worm.

Unusual Survival Strategies

“Delay death from drowning by drinking water. It doesn’t make much sense, but you did what you had to do.”

For this achievement, you just need to get a Bottle of Water and consume it while taking damage to drowning.

Black Mirror

“Obtain the Cell Phone. You’ll never leave home without it again.”

This achievement is unlocked by having a Cell Phone in your inventory, so if you had previously crafted one this achievement will automatically unlock. If not, then you will have to craft one.

The Cell Phone has a lot of crafting steps, the base items that you need are:

  • Gold/Platinum Watch
  • Depth Meter
  • Compass
  • Radar
  • Tally Counter
  • Lifeform Analyser
  • DPS Meter
  • Stopwatch
  • Metal Detector
  • Fisherman’s Pocket Guide
  • Weather Radio
  • Sextant
  • Magic/Ice Mirror

You will then combine these, at the Tinkerer’s Workshop, to make: a GPS, a R.E.K. 3000, a Goblin Tech, and a Fish Finder. These four items can be combined into a PDA, which you then craft with the Magic/Ice Mirror to get the Cell Phone.

Ankhumulation Complete

“Obtain the Ankh Shield, the finest protection from unpleasant maladies and ailments.”

This is the same as the Black Mirror achievement, but with the Ankh Shield instead. So this will automatically unlock if you already have it in your inventory. Again, if you don’t already have one, then you will need to craft it.

The Ankh Shield also has a large crafting tree, the base items that you need for this are:

  • Obsidian Skull
  • Cobalt Shield
  • Blindfold
  • Vitamins
  • Armour Polish
  • Adhesive Bandage
  • Bezoar
  • Nazar
  • Megaphone
  • Trifold Map
  • Fast Clock

These then combine in pairs to make: an Obsidian Shield, an Armour Bracing, a Medicated Bandage, and The Plan. The latter four then combine with the Blindfold to make an Ankh Charm, which you combine with the Obsidian Shield to get the Ankh Shield.

Torch God

“Invoked the wrath of the God of Torches, and survived long enough to earn its blessing.”

This achievement is completed by having consumed the Torch God’s Favour, it will automatically unlock if you have previously done this.

To get the Torch God’s Favour, you must survive the Torch God event. This is initiated by placing at least 101 torches close together in either the Underground or Cavern layers. The event will not start if you are in the Surface layer. Building a small arena and having some mobility accessories will help a lot with this event.

A Rare Realm

“Some very special seeds can lead to unique and rewarding experiences. Can you find one?”

For this achievement, simply enter any world generated with one of the secret seeds. You put these in the seed box when generating a world, and your options are as follows, any of them will work and they are all case-insensitive:

  • 05162020 (Drunk World)
  • Not the bees!
  • For the worthy
  • celebrationmk10
  • The constant
  • No traps
  • Don’t dig up
  • Get fixed boi

The Great Slime Mitosis

“Find all of the Slime Pets and have them move in!”

This achievement requires you to have all 8 town slimes. Each one has different requirements to move in, and they are each shown here:

The Clumsy Slime, the Old Shaking Chest, and the Mystic Frog will all show up on the Lifeform Analyser, making that a helpful accessory for finding them. I also recommend using the Guide To Critter Companionship to stop you from accidentally killing the Mystic Frog.

  • Cool Slime – Can move in when there is an active Party.
  • Clumsy Slime – Can be found floating with a balloon in the Space Layer on a windy day.
  • Surly Slime – Can be fished up during a Blood Moon.
  • Nerdy Slime – Moves in after killing King Slime.
  • Elder Slime – Moves in after unlocking an Old Shaking Chest in the Cavern Layer with a Golden Key.
  • Diva Slime – Moves in after throwing a Sparkle Slime Balloon into Shimmer.
  • Mystic Slime – Moves in after using Purification Powder on a Mystic Frog in the Jungle.
  • Squire Slime – Moves in after dropping a Copper Helmet on a Slime.

A Shimmer In The Dark

“Shimmer an item into another item. What other transmutations can you find?”

For this achievement, you have to drop an item with a valid transmutation into Shimmer, which is the new fluid added to the game in this update. It must be fully submerged and will transform after sitting for a few moments.

Shimmer generates naturally in 1.4.4 worlds in the Cavern Layer in pools. You can also get it by crafting a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket, by combining 10x Luminite Bars and 1x Bottomless Water Bucket. A Bottomless Water Bucket is obtained as a reward for completing Angler Quests, it has a 1/70 chance to drop after the tenth quest.

A full list of possible items is available on the wiki, but below are a few easy ones to do:

  • Any Ore (will be downgraded)
  • Life Crystal
  • Mana Crystal
  • Bucket of Water (become lava)
  • Angel Statue
  • Cactus
  • Any Wood
  • Any Fruit

And Good Riddance!

“Completely purify all Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow from your world, until the Dryad is satisfied!”

For this achievement, you must talk to the dryad in a world without any Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow. It takes one in-game day for the Dryad to notice changes, so you may not get this one immediately if you’ve only just cleansed the world.

The easiest way to complete this achievement is to generate a new small world, defeat one boss and build a house for the Dryad to move in, then remove the evil biome. Cleansing the evil biome is most easily done with a Clentaminator – or the newly added Terraformer – and Green Solution.

To Infinity… and Beyond!

“Fly a Kwad Racer into outer space.”

For this achievement, buy a Kwad Racer Drone and some FPV Goggles from the Cyborg. Who will move in after defeating Plantera.) Then equip the FPV Goggles, and fly the Kwad Racer Drone as high as you can.

This may only work on large worlds at the moment, so if you’re having difficulty try it on a large world instead.

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  1. for the diva slime you have to use the sparkle slime balloon as a projectile instead of dropping it in, had a lot of trouble with that myself

  2. Currently at 1% and i can’t find any more blocks to purify! Does the orbs count from the corruption? (orbs that spawns EoW)

    • Nvm! Turns out there was some blocks that were a bit farther that the clentaminator can reach Thank you for the guide though! Really helpful!

  3. I love this game but, I’ve gotten perfect multiple times, enough is enough, make Terraria 2 already. Helpful guide

  4. Demon altars should not count. However, anything that can infect something else (walls and blocks) should count.

  5. For “Feast of Midas” you can use any gold critter (Bunny, Squirrel, etc.), not just golden worms!

    I can confirm that “To Infinity… and Beyond!” also works on small worlds.

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