Dorfromantik – How to Obtain the Analyst VI Achievement + High Scoring Moves

This guide may prove helpful in getting large amounts of points.

Guide to Obtain the Analyst VI Achievement

How to

Choose one blank tile and build your tiles around the one you have chosen. You want to match edge perfectly, which you do by matching the biomes. The side of the tile will light up white if it is a correct match.

You’ll want to make the ring around the blank tile 2 tiles thick to get 7 perfect tiles.

To get the most points I suggest placing a water tile and a rail tile facing each other on the sides of a separate tile, the start tile is good for this.

Using quests helps boost your score. Once you have everything in place, and preferably only 1 tile needed for each water and rail quest, place a water/rail tile in the middle as shown in the screen shots.

How you want your board to look before placing that last time for 7 perfect tiles and a high point grab.

Placing the tile, you can see the white glow letting me know the sides of the tile match.

And the end result. Check out how much the score jumped by.

Thanks for taking a look.

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