People Playground – How to Boost FPS

A simple guide for how to increase FPS.

Guide to Boost FPS


First of all, remove the corrupted contraptions, if you have like 100 contraptions that you haven’t you used in 4 months. I did this and boosted my FPS by like 11 (I just removed like 30 contraptions.), and also the corrupted contraptions should be deleted and remove them from the workshop.


I don’t want to be that guy, but you need to disable mods you don’t use. Myself I had like 40 mods I never used, you have something like that, maybe. Just disable them and uninstall them even to load the game faster. And speaking about loading faster, remove mods with errors like Blood eye or something.


First you want to do all these things:

  • General > Decals > Disable.
  • Video > Vscync > Enable.
  • General > Expensive textures > Disable.
  • General > Iterations > Make 15 (Trust me, this will be bad but increases performance).

To Much

If you have like 80 contraptions and 709 humans or anything actually spawned, remove some stuff. Hopefully this helps.

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