DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – Basic Guide (Controls, Tips and More)

This guide is to help share with you controls, tips, and things i’ve learned over the course of playing the game so far. Take this with a grain of salt.

Guide to Basics


Now as I like to use the defaults for keyboard and mouse I will be using those sorry.

First, I would like to go over some handy controls.

  • Q is used to ping items, this will help your team identify items and what’s around you.
  • Tab is your emote wheel, sometimes this can be used as communication stickers will show up near your portrait at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Middle mouse wheel is to use items, I know it’s wonky, I really recommend changing this button if it feels uncomfortable for you.
  • Control is to hide/crouch, if you’re close to a wall you can use control to put your body against it. I don’t recommend using this system when the raider is high enough to use Ki detection.

That’s all I have for this section.


Here in this section i’ll go over different pings, icons, and systems.

Ok, when you first spawn in you’ll notice that it shows the location you’re spawning in. Make sure to do a quick scan of where you spawned and where your teammates are at. This will usually tell you where the Raider/Villain spawned at.

Now you can see i’m spawning in area B of the map. Use this and remember what each zone looks like and you’ll be learning the map/s in no time.

Now you’ll see different pings when you ping items the cooldown drink looks like soda in a circle the barrier defense is a shield with a cross, the rocket launcher is exactly what it is. You can also ping downed people granted they are already marked. One of the things to note when someone has been downed already is in the bottom right they will have an x next to their portrait.

Sometimes if you see the raider destroying the machine you can stop them with a kaioken rush, a rocket launcher, galick gun, dragon change, or running up to them and punching them with left click (that’s an achievement). This can be extremely crucial to do especially if the super time machine is close to finishing.

Here is a tip to know as a Raider/Villain, if you destroy a zone with a place power key it decreases the charge up time from that zone to about half of what it was. Not entirely sure on those numbers though. Also if you can evolve by auto evolve as cell save that human for your next level, the early increases help.

Now here is a really important thing to know so take notes.

Skills passive/active need to be level 10 before you can use them without having to use that character. i.e. Say I have charm pose from bulma but I don’t want to use bulma. I have to put in enough spirit to get the skill to +10. Then I can use the skill without having to have the Bulma skin on.

Ah yeah, that’s right. You’re wondering what that DP symbol is when you open chests sometimes right? That’s a point or points towards your dragon pass. I’m not entirely sure how much but they are fairly rare.

Farewell Note

Tl:dr read your keybinds and pay attention to your surroundings.

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  1. I believe those DP Tokens are worth 5 DP Points. At least according to the summary at the end of the Match after I had found one.

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