Dragon POW! – Dragon Maid Guide

Quick Guide to Dragon Maid

By Sparce.

Early Game

First off, you can take this two ways:

  • Prioritize revealing all the events and what the options are.
  • Trying to get as far as possible. I recommend the second option.

Is more of a waiting game for casual completion. There is more than enough time to finish the event if you go this route. (That’s all I have, I don’t rlly recommend this one tho).

Aggressive Method:

  • Go for health upgrades whenever you see them. This makes it so that even if you don’t have enough stats to beat a monster, you take hits well, and the +30 health they usually give you is very generous.
  • Make sure to get ATK instead of Pursuit, because in this early game, you’re not often overpowering monsters. Getting ATK decreases the damage you take by a lot.
  • In the early game, one of the best upgrades is the “[stat] is increased by 100 each floor”, due to the low power the monsters and the character have.
  • Use intel (top right corner). Intel is super helpful, as when you DON’T decrease the hp levels, the boss and the enemies get super hard to kill, and you’ll eventually get timed out. Make sure to look at intel, and if you haven’t met the goal, put all of your events into that one stat until you reach the required amount. Bosses appear every 5 rounds, so sometimes, you have to take “+10% [stat]” instead of “[stat] is increased by 100 each round” to reach the required stats. You don’t necessarily need to pick the element that the boss has decreased resistance to, just pick your strongest one.
  • Orbs are super helpful. When you’re building your adventure team, make sure to balance everything as much as possible. All rounders work, because the monsters have 4 different types. If you want to invest your orbs, do so in a stat that you’re low on.
  • Try your best to avoid monsters stronger than you, unless you have high ATK.

Mid Game

  • As you get to levels around 3-4, your stats will start getting to the 10000s. Make sure that you start getting +% upgrades here, as they just get exponentially better.
  • HP tanking through the levels still works well, though now you most likely have more of the events revealed. Use that info to your advantage. If you’re high hp, take +hp% upgrades and ATK. Use +30 hp as effectively a heal.
  • If you start getting confident in your stats, you can go for pursuit instead of atk as long as the pursuit buff is higher than atk (for example, if the buff is +3 pursuit and +2 atk, if you feel good go for pursuit. But in one of the events, you can choose from +1 atk and +1 pursuit. It’s obvious which you should pick.)

End Game

  • The last area, level 5, has 100 floors, unlike the other areas that only have 20. However, the ingredients that you get are all main ingredients of your choosing. (main ingredients being those that are dropped by bosses, like meat, tomatoes, milk, etc.) in the tower, as I’ll call it, bosses obviously get stronger and stronger. They drop chests that allow you to pick your main ingredients
  • The required amount of stats for each boss will start increasing by 4999< since the last one

Example: First boss, 10000, second boss, 15000, third boss, 21000, just exponential increasing (though not always in increments of 1000).

  • In the higher floors, around 50 < range, they start increasing by around 10k each boss, and then around 65-70, they increase by like 30k. The highest I ever got was 75, so I haven’t finished it. Expect your stats to be around 200k to 350k at that point, and bosses to be around 329k or smthn. My problem was my attack power wasn’t high enough to kill the boss quickly

Outside the “Big Adventure” / General Info

As you may have seen in the game, there is an affection meter when you go on an adventure. I would advise ignoring that until you’re around mid game. Getting to over 80 affection (80 is enough) will give you a special ending when you beat the adventure, meaning more tickets. I wouldn’t suggest going for that when you haven’t beaten the area yet, but if you’re like in area 3 you could definitely go back to 1 and 2 to get the affection ending.

Speaking of tickets, the customer mechanic in the cooking game is a very good way to make tickets. Don’t claim the tickets right away when you’ve only completed 1 dish order, even if you don’t have enough ingredients to make the other dishes. After you finish one customer, it takes 24 hours until the next one.

The timer starts right after you turn in your order. If you turn in your order before finishing everything, the customer leaves and you only get the tickets for the ones you completed. Most of the time, I would finish 2, but if you’re feeling bold or have enough ingredients, go for 3.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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