ELDEN RING – Greatsword of Solitude Build

Build Guide for Greatsword of Solitude


  • Oath Seeker Chest
  • Solitude Legs
  • Fingerprint Gauntlet
  • Pelt Of Ralva
  • Greatsword Of Solitude


  • Two Handed Sword
  • Rotten Wing
  • Millicents Prosthesis
  • Shard If Alexander

Dragon communion seal (for the 0 weight, use whatever seal you feel fits).

(Starting class warrior, but should be only a small difference to other melee classes).

  • 55 Vigor
  • 12 Mind (Default Value)
  • 30 Endurance
  • 80 Strength
  • 13 Dex (Minimum Value for weapon, slot in more if you have left over)
  • Int (Default Value)
  • 15 Faith
  • 10 Arcane

How to Play

Godricks Great rune will top you off at 60 vigor, But Slotting 75 strength and 60 Vigor would have more returns in health than damage, I just have a hard time seeing 75 strength.

This build is a ton of fun! The AoW has range and a follow up attack that deals a lot of damage and poise damage.

Mix that with Flame grant me strength and your concoction of choice in your wondrous flask and enjoy!

I have a dagger slotted with golden vow, but to be honest I seldom ever use it. But always an option as well as the golden vow consumables.

Armor is for appearance in this case…

I hope you found this helpful!

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