Mecha Domination: Rampage – How to Boost March and Unit Might

Intermediate and Later On Ways to Boost March and Unit Might

Let’s discuss the intermediate and later methods to increase your march and unit might, which include alliance research tech / territory boost, hourly boosts, trinkets / decoration from events / packs, seraphites and SSR beast exclusive weapons.

I refer to these methods as intermediate / later on ways because most of them become relevant after you’ve taken over your entire base in the game or completed the tutorial.

Alliance Research Tech and Territory Boost

The first method you encounter in the tutorial is joining an alliance. Joining an alliance offers numerous benefits, but in this guide, we’ll focus on territory boosts and research tech.

Alliance Research Tech

In the first guide, we discussed your “military tech and development tech.” Alliance research tech is similar, but it benefits your entire alliance. There are four key upgrades related to troop lethality%, attack%, HP%, and defense%.

The first three upgrades are specific to “Raider,” “Fighter,” and “Ranger” troops. The fourth upgrade applies to all your troops and is labeled “Troop atk / def / hp / lethality,” which adds additional stats to all your troops. For example, if you have 40% lethality on your raiders, 35% on fighters, and 45% on rangers, the alliance research tech will increase these percentages further.

Upgrading the “Troop lethality” will add an extra x% of lethality to all your troops on top of the existing stats. There’s also an upgrade for “Rally slot” that enables you to invite/add +x number of alliance members to assault rallies, which in turn adds more overall might to your alliance rallies.

Territory Boost

In this context, two types of boosts are particularly useful: “Base defense ATK” and “Base defense DEF.” If you’re within your alliance territory and get attacked, your defenders receive a boost of x%, depending on your alliance’s level.

Notable mentions in this category include the “Statue of Honor,” which acts as a decoration that your R4 or R5 can place in your alliance territory to boost either “Military def” or “Military atk.” Your alliance can obtain a “Statue of Honor” by winning the central fort conquest, reaching the diamond tier in the alliance mobilization event, achieving diamond tier in the alliance war event, or participating in the “Fight for Flux” event and reaching the “Glorious Pinnacle” tier.

Hourly Boosts

Hourly boosts are in essence, similar to Territory boosts but it’s for you and your troops / troops that are under your rally (Rally command center, when you set up a rally you can see that you’re the captain, the captain gives the boosts to everyone that joins them). If the territory boosts are only when your base is being attacked, then the hourly boost is for everything that involves might for your troops, i.e; Rallies like I mentioned earlier, Capture marches, and attacking another commander (player).

There are different types of hourly boosts, like troop lethality %, atk%, and so on. You can get them via the VIP shop at VIP 11 – 12, “Taking over a fort”, or buying them with gems via the base boost section of your commander profile (the ones with arrows pointing up).

Trinkets / Statues from Events / Packs

This is similar to the “building boosts” and the “statue of honor”, mostly because you can upgrade it with more “trinkets / statues of similar type” and it acts similar as the “statue of honor” cause of the various buffs it gives other than x+ command stat and atk%.

For example, the Ceasar statue that you can get from daily packs can be upgraded with more Ceasar statues. It enhances the effectiveness of your raiders lethality by x%, some statues may give different buffs that correlates with their beasts. As the title states, you can get them on specific in-game events or you can buy some like the Ceasar statue in daily packs.


For Seraphites, there’s actually 3 that can help your troop might and march might with the Seraphites, which are upgrading your Seraphite, Promoting your Seraphite, and adding “genes” to your Seraphite.

Upgrading your Seraphite: Other than raising your overall might for your Seraphite, it also raises your “command stat” which in turn raises the amount of units you can place in your march. You can get Seraphite flux from hunts, specific events like Seraphite assault, stores and etc.

Promoting your Seraphite: In this you’ll get 3 options, to either upgrade the “head, wings, or legs” if you upgrade the head, it’ll add x% on your fighter lethality and hp for every march you do, same with legs but for ranged, and same with the wings but for raiders. You can get Seraphit cores from specific events like Seraphite assault, stores, and etc.

Adding gene slots to your Seraphite: You can only do this after your server has been alive for x amount of time, there are a lot of Seraphite genes to account for, but the main topic for this guide is for troop march and might march. Now there are standard ones from green rarity to gold that are for increasing your specific troops “atk%, def%, hp%, lethality%”.

The other worthwhile mentions in this category are the ones that boost your troops might in specific events, like the “Limited Gene: Fort” that gives a base stat of x% atk boost to all your units. You can get genes from the “Gene alter coins” and using them to draw for genes, or in-game events like Forts, and stores.

Now, last but not least of this guide is “SSR beast exclusive weapons”. There are different passives for the different SSR beasts, but in general it gives your units an x amount of both HP% and Lethality%, and also raising your beasts overall dmg% and depending on the beasts, it gives a rally bonus for whenever you make or join a rally for “Beast lairs, assault rallies, etc.”, whilst some give a bonus on your base def.

You can get “SSR beast exclusive weapon” shards / crates in specific events after the server has been alive for X amount of time, or in packs for the SSR beasts itself.


Caesar increases your troop lethality by x% every level for base defense.

Whilst Blood Fang gives rally bonuses.

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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