Dragonheir: Silent Gods – Gameplay FAQ (Captain Aura, Levelling and Tips)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a captain aura?

An aura that can be selected before battle (Bottom right btton in deployment selection). Only 1 Captain aura can be active at a time.

When I have multiple Captain Aura’s, how do I specifiy which one to use automatically?

The character in the first slot or place first will have the priority for their aura to be used.

How long does it take for Stamina to refill?

  • 1 stamina = 10 minutes
  • So 6/hr
  • 120/6 = 20 hours for a full energy refill

How long does it take for Arena tickcts to refill?

  • 1 ticket = 1 hr
  • 10/1= 10 hours for a full refil

What team should I use for X content?

Generally speaking you want:

  • 1-2 Tank
  • 2-3 DPS
  • 1 Healer
  • 0-1 Support

Do summons on a banner carry over between banners?

Currently no.

What is City of Trials for Captain Auras?

Feywild, Strongholds.

Where do I use Dragon Crystals?

Currently they can be used only to convert into Wyrmarrows (Red Crystals) via the Shop tab.

How do I defeat X stronghold?

I recommend using 3-4 DPS chars and 1-2 control chars.

What is a City Trial aura?

All non-specific dungeons:

  • Pillar of Trials.

What type of team comp should I go?

Generally speaking, for pre lv90 content players want:

  • 1 tank
  • 2-3 DPS
  • 1 Healer
  • 0-1 Support

Then for end-game (lv 100) you’ll likely go something like:

  • 1-2 tank
  • 0-2 DPS
  • 1-2 Healer
  • 2-3 Support

Can Poison crit?

Poison is considered derived damage so the poison ticks itself WILL NOT crit but the character skill dmg applying poison CAN crit.

Do I lose all my Guild currency when leaving a guild?

No but there will be a 24-hr cooldown period before you can join a new guild.

What is the most important tactical advantage I can gain?

Team Synergy > Gear > Elemental faction >= Food.

What order should I focus on building my chars?

  • Gear: Venom > Rot > Curse
  • Runes: Ancient Battlefield > Heretical Ruins

How should I level my chars?

  • Chars: DPS > Tank > Healer >= Support
  • Stats: Star level > Character level

For 90+:

  1. All to 5*
  2. DPS to 98
  3. rest of chars to 98
  4. DPS to 100
  5. Rest of chars to 100

How do I find Chaos Rift?

Rifts appear every 72 hours but rewards can only be earned once per week.

Where do I get Goblin Nail?

Go to Arbotea -> Guild, and talk to the Merchant

Where do I find the Idol for the Troll?

Clear Feywild 10.

Can defeat Troll using anti-healing or double healers with lv 70 chars.

Where is the Troll located?

Outside of Aquitane, Southern-most city in Nytheria.

Does the Camp Cart items refresh?

No, most of them are one-time purchases.

Where do I find the pages for the Lost Pages sidequest?

Many of the pages can be found from story progression, stealing, or buying from merchants. It’ll take 3-5 days to complete this quest.

How many characters are there currently?

113 total, 41 Legendary, 30 Epic, 32 Rare, 10 Common.

What is Fey Meander?

Fey Wild.

It’s a mistranslation in-game that hasn’t been fixed yet.

Where is Cosmio’s Elixir for the Quest?

Go to Aquitaine -> Residence.

Useful Tips and Info

Material swap

MC can use any of the 3 Elemental materials when increasing its star ascension and swap back to the element of choice.

This also works during the 3 day reset event for new servers, gaining back resources for another element.

Loot Points

Once you are gathering from a loot point, you can tap on all nearby “hand” icons and automatically collect from them as well, without having to physically move to that point.


The Auto-battle system has a cap of 50 rounds daily or a cap of 500 energy used/day.

However, you can manually continue as long as you have energy.

Manual skills

While auto is turned on, you can push the cogs below your character icons to turn off auto-ultimate for that specific character.

Star ascension Smelting

You can smelt low tier star ascension materials into higher tier materials. Click on the material from the star ascension screen and click Smelt.

However, you CANNOT decompose higher tier materials into lower ones.


You cannot kick or add new members while GvG is actively ongoing.

Food Buffs

Legendary food buffs can stack their duration but all other rarity food buffs cannot.


Players can have up to 6 Active Commissions.


Count as healing if damage while active and are shown when viewing the statistics page.

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