Conqueror’s Blade – Unit Tree and Control Guide

Guide to Unit Tree / Control

Unit Tree Recommendation

It is generally not recommended for beginners to focus on Unlock Unit technologies at the end of the Unit Tree. Firstly, it requires a significant amount of Honor, and secondly, it means losing the opportunity to gain Honor by deploying Units and becoming familiar with their adaptability on the battlefield.

Besides becoming familiar with your own Unit, understanding the opponent’s Unit Characteristics and strengths and weaknesses is also very important.

Even though the units in the Unit Tree might not always be the strongest, You should try all the Units in PVE and Siege, which helps to understand why these units are not playable, which units are strong, and lets you know during a Skirmish which enemy’s Unit you can take on alone, or whether you should retreat and wait for teammates. This is because strong units have the potential to overpower or exchange with higher-star units, which has a significant impact on the battlefield.

Once you realize which Units are truly terrible, you won’t take them to any future Siege or Territory War.

P.S. Territory War differ from sieges as they only employ the best Units; once all Units are defeated, the next group takes over. Therefore, in a 4 Stars faction battle, even 3 Stars elite troops should not be deployed.

It is recommended to unlock the Imperial Pike Guards, Palace Guards, and Feudal Footman from the Unit Tree first, and after choosing the Winged Hussars from the chest, you can unlock other units based on your interests to try them out. Unlocking posterior technology last is also one way to ensure sustained enthusiasm to some extent.

Unit Control Recommendations

The following are the default buttons

“X” ensures that the Unit can march ignoring “volume collision,” but in comparison to “C,” it moves relatively slow when double-clicked.

Double-clicking ‘C’ makes troops run faster, but they will collide with each other due to their size, resulting in a long line which is not conducive to using abilities or engaging in combat.

Therefore, it is recommended to use ‘X’ for narrow spaces, and ‘C’ when there is enough room on the Plains.

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