Conqueror’s Blade – Dual Blade Guide for Beginners

This is a very basic guide, the goal is not to make you being a godlike db by reading a tuto but this will make you going on the good path to become one and will make you skip the phase of being a pleb with 0 knowledge.

Guide to Dual Blade Class

Skills (QWERTY)

Invis Playstyle (dead for now)

  • Q: Alchemical vapors
  • E: Infiltrator
  • R: Butterfly
  • T: Mark of Death
  • Aim Assist on hero: ON (only the first point)
  • Runes: a lot from season to season.

Shuriken Playstyle

  • Q: Alchemical vapors
  • E: Butterfly (Can be replaced by Bomb on towerhold/Map where heroes aren’t out of position)
  • R: Shuriken
  • T: Mark of Death
  • Aim Assist on hero: (not the “lock on hero one”)
  • Runes: a lot from season to season.

Statistics: Always full STR for both.

  • To be a good dualblade, you must die and die, test your limits, try and try, test your damage, test how much you can survive, learn match-up, learn how to dodge, learn how to space, learn how to bait spells…
  • Skill come with experience, experience come with playtime so keep playing.
  • Learn placements, you must be in every fights either cleaning heavy out of position in front-lane or finish every hero that are going back to heal in backline, press map a lot and say to yourself “where should i be to the most useful”.
  • The execution (invisible cross spell) and butterfly ALWAYS on the back, its a high dmg source fast and easy to hit, learn how to have good movements and always hit their back.

Shuriken give you invisibility after it, swap position each time you go invis to surprise the opponent and use your mobility at best.

You have free invisibility if you use your horse, don’t forget it! Use it, to engage, To finish off a low life enemy, or just go fast thanks to the speed boost (200% for 3s).

As a DB it is important to know what spell to keep to make you safe, keeping your alchemical vapor as a end of combo to back after a kill is a must have, for that think about engaging with Dismount invis.

Combo Butterfly Playstyle

Complete combo if all spell up

T (ulti) – at the end with E (infiltrator), go to the back and do your ambush by pressing R invis form (X spell) and then R again (you can spam R after ambush to optimise) for Butterfly.

Combo if you are chasing someone (no ult)

With the new update of sprint attack, its easy to chase someone, chase him until you both have no stamina, shift attack (make you dash) to stagger, butterfly, turn camera 180 degree and do alchemical vapor, turn it again and ambush.

An enemy on horse? chase with your horse and sprint until you have no stamina (cuz he should have no stam also) use horse Q and used your Kick (E) on the horse (you will hit him if he have no stam cuz the speed from horse Q of DB > normal speed of horse without sprinting, btw dont use Q invis form when on the horse invis its not worth speed wise, then after the kick, butterfly (its enough to kill a horse with blue armor if you have good blade if not just sprint auto attack when u finish butterfly) and ULT directly after you see the horse die animation, if you do it fast enough it will catch the guy instantly mid-air!

Do not forget that in most situations autoattacks are your friends! Don’t sprint autoattack If you can hit it with normal one, sprint walk, spot sprinting to not shiftattack and focus on your first 4 auto and roll to cancel them to have huge DPS!

Combo Shuriken Playstyle

Complete combo if all spell up

Bomb/shuriken, you enter invis, use E (kick), AA x2, shuriken then ult, at end of ult roll in the back and butterfly/shuriken (cancel roll anime with block)

Combo if you are chasing someone (no ult)

Shuriken give you movement speed, so it when chasing ppl, dont forget to use kick more often that ambush since they do nearly the same dmg but one stunt the enemy.


  • Alchemical vapors: you can jump but not sprint
  • Infiltrator: you can’t jump or sprint (unless bug)
  • Shuriken invis: can sprint and jump and have +100% mouvement speed
  • Q of horse: you can sprint and jump and you with + 200% movement speed, good spell to escape, chase enemies/engage a fight!
  • Mark of death: the hitbox is small but you can catch a hero in the middle of his units if you stick well with him (it will catch hero in prio even if a unit is between you and him)!
  • Do not be afraid to go invis and go thru the whole enemy blob of units your invis will never be cancel UNLESS there is a unit BRACED or a cav CHARGING, people are blind asf on this game and never give attention to DB.
  • Do not underestimate your auto attack or your invisibility of Q/horse, use it ON CD as much as possible !!
  1. Every time you go into invisibility you have 1.5 second where you are insensitive to stunt and daze, use it to dodge every cc.
  2. You must have perfect knowledge of enemy cd, you can win every duel vs any class, you just need perfect spacing in duel to bait their spell and punish if they do greed spell.
  3. You must have perfect knowledge of maps and have good mouvement, as a db knowing how to exploit environements to survive is a must.


For sieges Frost S6 2 Pieces/Reforged Rogue 2 pieces (to add both pen bonus).

For Ranked, Tournament and TW, Epic shematic stuff 4 pieces (If you have a good epic shematic weapon use this stuff anyway).

God tiers/musthave: +crit value on every piece

  • S+: Heal / Leadership
  • S: Piercing Def
  • A: Slashing And Blunt Def
  • Shit: crit def

To have a godlike weapon you need to have atleast:

  • Blueshem reforged: slash dmg / slash pen / either crit or str or agy
  • Epicshem reforged: slash dmg / slash pen / either crit or str or agy
  • Focus on having atleast 1800/1900 slash pen for siege / 2000/2100 for tw/ranked/tournaments.

Your weapon should have atleast 50%+ of max proc slashing and 70%+ of max proc slashing pen ATLEAST to start having decent dmg (you can see max proc in the reforge menu bottom right).

For TW / Ranked / tournaments you should play 2/4 of any seasonal stuff and 2/4 normal rogue stuff with Ls/crit cuz in these gamemode ppl play more vs heavy+armor style.

DB is a weapon with pretty ok-ish mecaniques requierements but INSANE game knowledge requierements, you have to know perfectly every CD of every spell, every match up, every map, every little tips that will give u advantage.

Your skill will depend as how good you are at spacing, baiting spell, knowing when to invis to dodge CC, knowing when can you greed or not, having good decision making.

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