Magic Research 2 – Primary Challenge Guide

Primary Challenge Guide

Note: All items that can’t be crafted with this guide were found naturally during the run from mobs or events.

  • Class: Builder
  • Primary Element: Holy/Space
  • Completion Gear: Cosmic Wand+11, Rainbow Mail+10, Synergizer+15, Mask of the Sly+6
  • Pouch: Clever Pumpkin, Fairy Elixer+5, Fairy Elixer+3, Dispelling Salve+7, Dispelling Salve+6, Dispelling Salve+5, Greater Potion of Tougness+1, Greater Potion of Muscle+2
  • Spellcraft: All Holy and Space Damage Spells with Space Jewels in each.
  • Boosts: Earth 30, Mind 20, Life 10, Holy 30.
  • Familiar: (Holy) Bun for tanking purposes.
  • Rituals: Mana and Necromancer.
  • Synchro: See Below.

Start with Holy Sickle and Synergizer as your main focus to +up, followed by rainbow mail. You will use the holy sickle until you get Cosmic wand leveled up.

You should be able to unlock all enhancements with this guide. 75k-90k max mana is achievable. 0 points in Mana Alter. 21pts in spell catalyst. Big bang should be hitting for around 1.2m every 12s and Nova for 300k+ every 12s.

You will not put wizards on holy judgment or divine barrage as you will manually cast those. Expect to have a ton of manual crafting with this guide as getting to the above +gear was time consuming.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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