ELDEN RING – Achievement / Trophy Endings

Achievement / Trophy Endings

Elden Lord Achievement / Trophy

Undertstood to be the base ending of the game. No special requirements needed to obtain. Possibly need all Great Ruins.

Age of the Stars Achievement / Trophy

Requires completion of Renna’s questline:

  1. Can begin questline by meeting Renna the Witch in Ranni’s Rise after defeating the final boss of Caria Manor.
  2. After speaking to her at the top of the tower go downstairs and speak to the two NPC phantoms. Head back upstairs and talk to Renna again to leave.
  3. After defeating Shardbearer Radahn in castle Redmane you will see the star fall from the sky goo back to Renna and she will tell you to explore the Eternal City it opened up an entrance to.
  4. Clear through the city until you obtain the Godslayer’s Greatsword then return to Renna.
  5. After exhausting dialogue rest at a site of grace and she will leave head back up to find a site of grace in the tower follow it to the newly unlocked Renna’s Rise tower and go through the portal at the top.
  6. You will be teleport to Ainsel River and find a doll of Renna rest a the site of Grace neraby and attempt to talk to the doll 3 times she will then inform you to hunt down a shade.
  7. The shade can be found at the end of Nokstella, the Eternal City just before the Lake of Rot. Kill it and she will leave giving you a key.
  8. Take this key to the chest in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, located to the right of the boss you had fought at the academy. You will recieve a ring.
  9. The ring can be used to gain acces to the lift located behind the final boss of the Ainsel River, Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.
  10. Head up the lift to the Moonlight Plateau and follow the path to the Cathedral of Manus Celes.
  11. Once inside head into the hole in the floor to find Renna at the bottom a short cut scene will play out and then you can talk to her she will leave following this and drop the Moonlight Greatsword.
  12. Quest is complete now at the end of the game after defeating the final boss you can summon her to get this ending.

Lord of the Frenzied Flame Achievement / Trophy

The only requirement fort this ending is to find the three fingers which are located at the bottom of the forsaken depths in a hidden passage at the back of the Morgh, the Omen boss fight make your way to the bottom and there will be a door that you need to unequip all your armor to open. After this the maiden that has been with you will leave.

Opening the door and getting the cut scene seems to lock you to this ending still needs to be confirmed.

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