ELDEN RING – Separate Sprint and Dodge for Controller

Have you ever wanted separated Sprint and Dodge buttons? The desire use (LS Click) for sprint instead, as well as dodging upon PRESSING circle? Maybe Sprint and adjust the camera more comfortably? Look no further! I’ve created controller configurations for both PS4 and PS5 controllers for such a function.

Controller Configuration

This uses the built-in Steam controller configuration settings so it’s really easy to apply to your own profile. Just make sure dodge/sprint and crouch are the default settings for your controller inside the elden ring settings first.

  • Circle: Dodges upon pressing (you won’t sprint with this)
  • LS Click: Toggle sprint (turns off when attacking or pressing square, circle, or LS again)
  • LS Double Click: Toggle Crouch

All the other keybinds are untouched!


I’m not sure that it really matters which profile you use but I made one for both PS4 and PS5 controllers just in case. Pretty sure these can be used for XBOX controllers as well but not certain. AGAIN, make sure you have the default keybinds for dodge/sprint and crouch in your elden ring settings for your controller first.

  • PS4: steam://controllerconfig/1245620/2774135008
  • PS5: steam://controllerconfig/1245620/2774135804
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  1. You are a godsend! I playing claw was honestly the only thing stopping me from fully enjoying the game! I hope this gains traction because a lot of people are looking for something like this. BTW this also works if you are using a Nintendo Switch controller as well. (I used the PS4 config)

  2. Used the Ps4 config for a xbox one controller. Everything works fine, except the select button no longer functions at all. Confirmed it is the controller map causing this issue.

    Fixed the issue by remapping “select” to the “select” button on both the default and sprint sections.

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