Entropy: Zero – Cremator Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

Please note: all credit goes to Krafting!

How to get the Cremator achievement in no time!

How to Obtain Cremator Achievement Easy

Too long, I’ve got better things to do

  • Go to the Firing Range from the main menu.
  • Open the developer console then type:
    • Bind c “npc_create npc_zombie”
  • Press the C key to spawn zombie on the range.
  • Look at the floor and open the developer console again and type this a bunch of time:
    • prop_physics_create props_junk/flare
  • Use the spawned flares to light up those zombies!

The way to do it

For this achievement we will go on the Firing Range (can be accessed on the main menu), so the zombies can’t eat us easily, it can also be done on any map you want, be creative and fight them the way you want!

Once in the Firing Range, we will open the developer console and type this command

bind c "npc_create npc_zombie"

This command will make your C key spawn a zombie where you are looking, so zombies can be spawned in bulk (You can chance c to whatever key you prefer).

Tip: On the Firing Range, zombies can be spawn on the big barrier separating both areas, once on the barrier, zombies cannot climb it down, so it’s really easy to fight them with flares!

Now, we are going to spawn a few flares to light up those zombies by typing the following command multiple times while looking at the floor:

prop_physics_create props_junk/flare

Now you can pick up all the flares you spawned (they spawn on top of one another) and then, kill the 20 zombies needed or more!

Enabling the developer console

The developer console should be enabled by default, but if not, here is how to enable it:

  • Go in the Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced button.
  • Make sure “Enable Developer Console” is ticked.
  • Press the “Toggle developer console” button to open it. Usually this is bound to ` (or ² for other keyboards) but you can rebind it.
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